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Action directing on 'Lust and Found'

Alley of fury in Cheung Sha Wan

I had a blast helping out director Lawrence Gray shooting a fight scene for his film 'Lust and Found'. We filmed in a alleyway just around the corner from the old B&E offices in Sheung Wan.

It was great to have so many familiar faces on the team. Production manager Paul Ducommon-dir-Verron and assistant production designer Simon Lam were both on the crew for my movie 'Borderland'.

I also 'lent' Lawrence some new members of the clan, including my production assistant Yummy Cheng (whose name alone would caused an harassment suit on a Hollywood set), as well as camera ace Kamil Janowski. In the shot above, he's impersonating an owl to try and cheer me up. It didn't work.

My second in command on the action front is Jay Cheung, rapper, actor and stunt dude extraordinaire. He's above with actor Philippe Joly, an accomplished martial artist who came up with the basic choreography for the scene we shot.

The cast included Arran Hawk, one of the survivors of 'Ghosts of the Forbidden City', the Roger Corman masterpiece shot up at our ACE studio in Nanhai.

Whatever the time pressure, there's always space for ballroom dancing. Co-stars Jai Day (left) and Vivenne Tseng watch us waltz.

The tough thing about shooting in an alley using natural light is that the sun moves so damn fast! Something should really be done about that...

Here's me figuring out an angle while Jay takes an uppercut from Philippe.

Wrapped! Team B&E and 3 Guys with the mighty Mak Sifu, who helped us with crowd control!

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