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Going Home 2018: https://t.co/io7UlvAenF via @YouTube

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Magnolia: https://t.co/B0hCvWhNj0 via @YouTube

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I entered @moment's Greatest. Travel. Giveaway. EVER! You can enter too: https://t.co/wJt6gxw7FV

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Victor Chen Action Man: https://t.co/NzOyFOQZ9B via @YouTube

成龍 Jackie Chan 大哥! 生日快乐! 希望今年我们都已能拍电影!

If not seen yet, this is a great conversation in Australia last year. At t… https://t.co/59ukNDgCYH

Good old basics. First posting in a while. Been busy. But it doesn't mean I am not training hard.

The body wears… https://t.co/S3vYLBz1pM

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@CarlaEsparza1 Good luck!! Hope to see you soon. Been a long time since that E3 event

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I can still take a shot with a camera. Just not uploaded them is all

Doing it my way.

photoman #atthemoment #dayandnight #photography

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Various shots I haven’t had time to load. But I still can take a shot with any camera. Doing it my way.... https://t.co/mFflccZ0ts

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"Going Home" re-edited with some minor but important changes.

Now got to create social media "stuff" to see who... https://t.co/KhmXFpGUuT

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Martial Artist, International Traveler, Fitness Maniac, action actor aspirations and a crazy love of eating too many peanuts & almonds...


english, cantonese, mandarin
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November 2, 2009

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