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This is what everyone wants to do to but may not say it flat out right. It's the people who I know you can't... https://t.co/3suPfVjEHO

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Victor Chen Action Clip: https://t.co/PAfTrRZ0Ao via @YouTube

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@PrincessPorg so cute!

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How to stay in shape Christmas. Of course for me it’s a normal everyday activity.

The most grappling Ive done... https://t.co/eIpyCrkJpf

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Before Christmas, I was a bit under the weather, felt like crap for 2 days sniffling and sneezing.

But still... https://t.co/0x75LwimZS

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Seeing the coolest mug in a store

Quick bag work when no one is around to hold camera for you or the pad,... https://t.co/OAN5zTq486

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The cheat post workout meal this week. Vegetarian pizza half and half.

One being margarita and the other side... https://t.co/2kZ6SKestF

2 important notes:

1) Happy Birthday to Bruce Lee who turns 77. His knowledge still resonates through my soul in... https://t.co/8eeLIuJRgl

@CharlizeAfrica Watched Atomic Blonde again. Love the action @CharlizeAfrica Happy Thanksgiving weekend to you! Ho… https://t.co/kxVp4osEeH

@NextShark @heatherjrock @GodfreyGao @TheLewisTan @yoshi_sudarso @PeterSAdrian my FB friend suggested I (@vwc316) b… https://t.co/5qFjhyJ7z5


Martial Artist, International Traveler, Fitness Maniac, action actor aspirations and a crazy love of eating too many peanuts & almonds...


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November 2, 2009

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