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A simple practice take before filming.

No more constant waiting for a call to get booked. Making strides on our... https://t.co/BMR9UeePA6

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A nice afternoon chatting with the one and only Ricky Baker!

We could go on for hours about the good old HK... https://t.co/yic0BKGF3L

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Variety of goodies for the week. London to Winchester and back. All to showcase the food I didn't eat 😂

Well... https://t.co/Tjvwc09fpL

Some food photos for your late night cravings. That

And yes I was showcasing Heineken and no I do not have... https://t.co/ubJuQ1ohFr

@jes_chastain Always great work and love being your fan! Hopefully we can work on set someday!

@atomic_blonde @CharlizeAfrica Love it!! Great work @CharlizeAfrica 👏

@CharlizeAfrica @atomic_blonde Definitely watching! @87elevenAction great work with the action!

Ah calling upon the power of Street Fighter Street Fighter: Assassin's Fist and the urge of Akuma ending pose... https://t.co/51mIucdWfU

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Courtesy of the fabulous Scott Mason + team

It's like I'm making phones but not really... https://t.co/AiMMFy0v6x

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2 weeks ago back in Atlanta filming. A cool place to be but the trip was only worthwhile when I felt a sense of... https://t.co/oqjNm1hhnv

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Martial Artist, International Traveler, Fitness Maniac, action actor aspirations and a crazy love of eating too many peanuts & almonds...


english, cantonese, mandarin
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November 2, 2009

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