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I Wish This World Remains...

    i wish this world remains  i wish this world retraces  back into the womb free from fears, kings, and spears cast a wish with heart, create all lives and things

the answer's simply we are Lives of eternity like sun the moon and stars no matter where we are  their smiles remain the same

can someone tell me how can we  enslave ourselves by the  self-imaginary Fear we create

can someone tell me how can we  betray, destroy, divide others with self claimed supremacy

i wish this world remains for the weaks to see with a wish of love  that some day we'll all arise align our souls in the arms of reality we reunite let Truth slips through gently with realize laughs and tears react to the abuses we created in this life 

here and now, perfectly clear a journey of creation and beauty this may be different the next time round all my heart, i wish this world remains

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Kevinli da kevinli
where r u??
about 16 years ago
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Hi Angelita, Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us; I believe the people of this world are almost at the pivotal point of mass spiritual awareness. The momentum has been gathering for sometime, as there are lots 'Light workers' are already in place to help to make this happen. You’ll find that a number of AnD members here already are, now I’m sure that you too are one of them. ☺
about 16 years ago


I am banning gigs with Endangered species and unnecessary delicacies on the event's food menu. "Killing them = Killing OURSELVES. i'll explain more later.

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