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Thanks again to the @scmpnews for the #deadnotalive Halloween party event coverage! #DeadNotAliveHalloween @kopi.cat #alivenotdead @hulletthouse @1881heritage

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Official photo galleries from #deadnotalive 2016 are now up on alivenotdead.com. Please take a look. #DeadNotAliveHalloween #zombiology #今晚打喪屍 @wongmanyik #吳家麗 #王敏奕

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mflo in the courtyard! Official photos from #DeadNotAliveHalloween coming soon. Thanks again to everyone for your support and understanding. @verbal_ambush @takudj #startrek #startrekcosplay

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Thanks to everyone who came to #deadnotalive! @straightblast5 our sincerest apologies to those who had long queuing times at the peak hours. More photos coming soon. #philipng

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Repost fedtan with repostapp

・・・ @alivenotdead Halloween Festival still alive and kicking after… https://t.co/g7nYPipaKz

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・・・ @alivenotdead Halloween Festival still alive and kicking after 9️⃣ years with @verbalambush 🖖🏼 @takudj @kpee @drafus @hongkonghustle @arthuryeti @sukixx @junkie.t and more...congrats @etchymcetchy 🙌🏼

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mflo right now! @verbal_ambush @takudj #DeadNotAliveHalloween #deadnotalive #alivenotdead #startrek #trekkers #startrekcosplay #verbal #jpop

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Doors open to the public at 8pm! Come early to avoid delays at the door! Don't miss #mflo performing 10-11pm in the main courtyard! Music continues in three rooms til ~3am+! #deadnotalive #DeadNotAliveHalloween #halloweenhk #edm

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Two days til #DeadNotAliveHalloween ! Don't miss it! Oct 29 @hulletthouse #mflo #alivenotdead #deadnotalive #verbal #karllagerfeld #halloweenhk @hongkonghustle @kpee @sosupersam @arthuryeti @junkie.t @sukixx @drafus @thereflex

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Far East Movement is Back with "Identity"!

Our good friends the Far East Movement have just released their first new album in 4 years titled "Identity" and their lead off single is "Fighter" featuring Yoonmirae.  They've supported AnD since the early days and of course we're proud to support them back!  Here's some info on the album and single and where to LEGALLY purchase it online -

Far East Movement - Fighter ft. Read more

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