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10th Chinese Documentary Film Festival coming to HK

Attention documentary fans!  Check out this announcement from our friends at Visible Record -

Visible Record announces The 10th Chinese Documentary Festival

To mark the 10th anniversary of the Chinese Documentary Festival, Visible Record announces a compelling lineup of film screenings and public events. The Festival will open on 9 September, 2017. Festival Prelude will take place in July and August.

The first Prelude programme was “The Future o...Read more

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StartUpKaraoke at @thetonnohk ! @riseconfhq #riseconf #riseweek #karaoke

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Damn, 10 years! #alivenotdead #startupferry ukayeung @sendgrid chinaccelerator1 riseconfhq… https://t.co/Z28hhUGXga

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Damn, 10 years! #alivenotdead #startupferry @ukayeung @sendgrid @chinaccelerator1 @riseconfhq #riseconf

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startupferry is underway ! ukayeung #alivenotdead @kultleader https://t.co/jsopz7YbM8

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startupferry is underway ! @ukayeung #alivenotdead @jsntbn

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StartUpFerry is back!

We're pleased to announce that our 3rd annual #StartUpFerry event will be happening July 11th during the RISE Conference in Hong Kong.  We'll also be marking the fact that its our 10th anniversary here at alivenotdead.com!  (Yes, time files!)

We will have beer, music, tattoos and fun in the middle of the harbor on the Star Ferry!  Special thanks to - Sendgrid.com, Chinaccelerator, Peroni Hong Kong, Red Bull Hong Kong,  Anoush and FotoPop HK!  

Our musical guest will be Uk...Read more

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@celinajade ! #Repost @jetli_com with @repostapp ・・・ Check out FeatureStory with The Jade… https://t.co/O87Od4hJ1T

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@celinajade ! #Repost @jetlicom with @repostapp ・・・ Check out FeatureStory with The Jade Warrior, Celina Jade about her latest project Legendary Assasin at jetli.com . . .

LegendaryAssasin #TheJadeWarrior #CelineJade #martialarts #actionmovie #jetlicom #FeatureStory #MotivationMonday #ChineseMartialArtist #AsianActress #impactmagazine

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Repost @danielwuyanzu -

・・・ Jet Li is one of the reasons why I started learning martial arts.… https://t.co/zlyZAIG29r

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