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FILMART China Daily Roundtable Summit Coverage!

Thanks to our friends at the China Daily Hong Kong for inviting us to their Roundtable Summit on “Sino-Foreign Co-produced Films Summit”  at FILMART last week!  We wanted to share a bit of coverage from he event for those who couldn't make it. -

Film industry elite gather for China Daily Film Summit
To Define Sino-Foreign Film “Co-Production 3.0 Era”
MARCH 16, 2017, HONG KONG: More than 250 delegates from the movie industry around the world attended t...Read more

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Thanks to chinadaily_cn for including #alivenotdead in their China Coproduction seminar.… https://t.co/iYvrQB1JWm

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Thanks to @chinadaily_cn for including #alivenotdead in their China Coproduction seminar at #Filmart! . #chinadaily #iqiyi #silmetropole

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志明與春嬌 are back! The 2017 @hkiffs opening film welcomes back #MiriamYueng #ShawnYue & director #PangHoCheung ! See you on #OpeningNight #loveoffthecuff #HKIFF #HKIFF2017 #alivenotdead

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Thanks to @OneCoolPictures and @Variety for the opportunity to kick off #Filmart 2017 together! #louiskoo #古天樂 #古仔 #alivenotdead #varietymagazine @tazmaniaballroomhk #tazmaniaballroom

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《救殭清道夫》 香港首映礼 - 救殭清道夫 - 林明祯, 蔡瀚亿, 罗莽, 吴耀汉, 命攻撃

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Congrats to the cast and crew of #vampirecleanupdepartment 」恭喜「#救殭清道夫 」導演和演員!去看吧!#救殭清道夫首映禮 @hangjai @tonick_official #chinsiuho

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《救殭清道夫》"Vampire Cleanup Department" Premiere - 林明禎, 蔡瀚億, 錢小豪: https://t.co/eipBh6fEH3 via @YouTube

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Sino-Foreign Co-produced Films Summit - March 16th at FILMART

We are pleased once again to be a media sponsor for the China Daily Asia Leadership Roundtable Special Panel held during HK FILMART titled - "The Sino-Foreign Co-produced Films Summit".  Don't miss it.  You can register online here - http://cdroundtable.com/event.php?id=170

See attached flier for details and confirmed speakers, including AnD ...Read more

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14th Factory coming to LA

Our friend and AnD artist Simon Birch will launch his "14th Factory" Exhibition this week in Los Angeles!  It also includes Prodip Leungand Wing Shya in the exhibition.  Definitely check it out if you are in Southern California any time in the next month!

Get more details here (or below) - Read more

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