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Far East Movement is Back with "Identity"!

Our good friends the Far East Movement have just released their first new album in 4 years titled "Identity" and their lead off single is "Fighter" featuring Yoonmirae.  They've supported AnD since the early days and of course we're proud to support them back!  Here's some info on the album and single and where to LEGALLY purchase it online -

Far East Movement - Fighter ft. Read more

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Thanks to @scmpnews for featuring the #DeadNotAliveHalloween at the top of their #HKHalloween event guide! @thegracehuang #deadnotalive @hulletthouse @1881heritage #mflo #halloweenhk #scmp #scmpmusic #scmp #wonderwomancostume #asianwonderwoman

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Congrats to @junnyboi on his kickass show! #junkung #恭碩良 #queenelizabethstadium

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Tickets are moving! Don't wait! Early bird ticketing ends on October 20th. alivenotdead.com/halloween #deadnotalive #等著你回來 #deadnotalivehalloween #hulletthouse @hulletthouse @1881_heritage #halloween #halloweenhk #hkhalloween

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2016年Dead Not Alive万圣节派對快到了! m-flo第一次表演在香港!

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HK's #1 Halloween party. #DeadNotAlive Halloween - 29 October at @hulletthouse ! Don't be caught DEAD anywhere else this year! #hulletthouse #deadnotalivehalloween #alivenotdead @1881heritage @fotopophk @anoush.co @peronihk @themetroplexcinema @matteoparty #gearvrhk #gearVR #hkhalloween #halloweenhk #halloweenparty @arthuryeti @hongkonghustle @junkie.t @sukixx @kpee @drafus @takudj @verbal_ambush #mflo

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Dead Not Alive 2016 is coming!

You've probably seen the banner ads or seen the poster on our Facebook and Instagram accounts, but in case you didn't know,  the 9th installment of our Halloween Party is almost here! This year we will be celebrating on Saturday October 29th! 

This time we are hosting it in an awesome new venue, the Hullett House, which is the former Headquarters for the Marine Police in TST.  It was built in 1881 and is now a luxury boutique hotel and restaurant venue.  They have graciously offered to let...Read more

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Halloween Zombie Hunting courtesy of Samsung Gear Virtual Reality!

We are excited to announce that our friends at Samsung Hong Kong will be sponsoring a virtual reality experience station at our upcoming DEAD NOT ALIVE HALLOWEEN party on 29th of October at The Hullett House!  We have asked them to load up their Gear VR headsets with the best zombie hunting horror games to get you in the mood for Halloween!    Please look for them in the Long Toh Yuen room at the rear of the courty...Read more

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Thanks @timeouthk for covering our #deadnotalive #halloweenparty! #deadnotalivehalloween #halloweenhk #hulletthouse #gearvrhk #1881heritage #alivenotdead #hkmodels #bomberg #bomberghk @bomberghk @bombergofficial #hkhalloween @1881_heritage @hulletthouse @modelonehk @varganator

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Congrats to Dante Lam on the premiere of "Operation Mekong"! Thanks @themetroplexcinema ! #湄公河行動 #香港電影 #kitec #metroplex #operationmekong #eddiepeng #zhanghanyu

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