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Ani-Com day 2 -- Now, with cosplay! | 動漫節第二天—這次有Cosplay!

Patrickand Terenceled a big group of over fifteen volunteers on Day One and handed out over 2000 fliers letting people know about [alive not dead]. Stephenand Ericon Day Two brought a smaller group of nine volunteers on Day Two, but it was far more crowded and we had some great assistance by our new volunteers and managed to pass out an additional 2300 fliers. Plus, we saw some GREAT costumes throughout the day that we wanted to share with you.

Our [alive not dead] volunteers include Eric, Chris, Jan, andylauspain (who helped on BOTH days), artist Pat Lee, halokitty, Cass, Stephen, and mandy(not pictured)

not dead]的誌願者包括:Eric、Chris、Jan、andylauspain (兩天都到場)、藝術家Pat Leehalokitty、Cass、Stephenmandy(不在照片裏)。

|我们[alive not dead]的志愿者包括:Eric、Chris、Jan、andylauspain (两天都到场)、艺术家Pat Leehalokitty、Cass、Stephenmandy(不在照片里)。

Thanks to our 'pro' volunteers, Cass and halokitty for passing out nearly a thousand fliers by themselves.


And the great costumes (click to enlarge):


The "Death Note" group


And let's save the cutest photo for last...


Cass and halokitty say "hello" for AliveNotDead at Ani-Com/Game Fair 2007

Click here for all of our photos from Ani-Com / Game Fair| 點擊這裏查看此次動漫節全部照片 | 点击这里查看此次动漫节全部照片

The Alive Not Dead had a GREAT time at the festivities and we all enjoyed finally being able to meet alot of our members face-to-face. A special thank you to all of our Hong Kong members who showed up at our Ani-Com meetup this weekend and helped us spread the word about our community.

We hope to see all of our members at our next meetup, the 24 Herbs concert on August 11th! See you all there!

| 這個周末的動漫節,Alive Not Dead很開心終於能跟我們的會員面對面交流,這裏要特別感謝前來幫助我們派發傳單的香港的會員們。

希望在8月11日24 Herbs的演唱會上見到你們!

| 这个周末的动漫节,Alive Not Dead很开心终于能跟我们的会员面对面交流,这里要特别感谢前来帮助我们派发传单的香港的会员们。 希望在8月11日24 Herbs的演唱会上见到你们!

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doh, I missed out! Should have gone back for day 2!
over 13 years ago
Rottendoubt a4 patrick
i love the last pic!
over 13 years ago
Photo 23907
wow you sure got some good lookin volunteers hehe ^^ looks like fun!
over 13 years ago
Photo 22998
I feel like I missed something major.
over 13 years ago
Photo 33639
over 13 years ago
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looks like fun! =)
over 13 years ago
Photo 16258
oOo How cool :D
over 13 years ago
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over 13 years ago
Photo 86451
I MISSED THE GIG!!=( that's held on my bro's birthday...i just got back here in hkk last aug19 from home!i would have loved to volunteer if i were here..but thanks for the pictures guys!
over 12 years ago


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