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I Made it in Bollywood! ‘Aakhari Decision’ Released in India

*Aakhari Decision* Aakhari Decision

Aakhari Decision released in India is about a hitman that grew up loyal to his boss until one day he is forced to make a decision between a woman that has entered his lif...Read more

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LAFA Food Fight Demo Wushu Videos Online – Plus Happy Saint Patty’s Day!!

I performed a longfist and straightsword/drunken sword combo for a demo a month or two back for LAFA’s Annual Food Fight benefiting the Los Angeles Food Bank . The event was to raise food for those less privileged.

Here are the videos of our wushu demo portion:

Part 1 has some longfist / changquan performance.

Part 2 has some straight sword and drunken sword.

Had a great time and met some Sword Fight IncRead more

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Live to Ride Another Day

R6 and 999R6 and Ducati 999

Met up with Steve, my kpmg/city national bank co-worker’s husband who rides a Ducati 999 and R1 . We went to Azusa for some canyon riding! Woot! Had a blast and learned a lot. Ever since I’ve been traveling and getting my hustle on with...Read more

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Apathetic Heart (Song Cry) – An Original Track Written by Yours Truly

apathetic heartapathetic heart

Here we go – Apathetic Heart is a song I wrote while I was in Taiwan. I finally had a chance to put it together and record a quick video.  The inspiration behind the song came simply from the fact that my room in Taiwan h...Read more

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Website and Front Porch Get a Makeover

stapler gunstapler gun

Hey guys, I’ve still been a little sick. Here is a quick update.

Martial Arts/Stunts

Haven’t been training much because I was sick the past week or so. I’m in a recovering mode and just got the sniffles. Hopefully it will be comp...Read more

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Empire State of Mind Freestyle

This is what happens when you don’t have to go in to an office every day.

This is my first recorded freestyle. In other words I just made up whatever came to mind. I think I can do better, but whatever.. it was fun and random. I was also sick this week so couldn’t go out and work out much. At least I let loose on my musical side.

Work Update

Filed for martial arts complete DBA

Beginning martial arts complete site

Beginning wushukicks backend upgrade

Finished wushukicks frontend re...Read more

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What is up with all these “covers” these days? – Check it! 2 words NB Ridaz!

Youtube has spawned a new generation of online musical artists doing more and more “covers”.

Well at least it seems to me that I’ve been hearing that word more and more.. so u know what?

I made a little “cover”.. go ahead, get lost in it!

Check it! Ungh!

By the way, the song is called “Lost in Love” by NB Ridaz. We are just being random.

Quick mini shout out to Ryan Huang an...Read more

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Hittin the Canada Radio and Airwaves FM96.1 and Channel 180! Plus Conclusion on the Exciting 2010 Winter Olympics Saga and Beyond!

Breaking News: 2010 Winter Olympics CTV Report

Last I left off, my friend Audrey and I were running into Olympic athletes by the Olympic Village. Well, it just so happens that we ran into a few more.

Read more

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My Encounter with Maria Lamb USA Women’s Olympic Speed Skater in Vancouver at the 2010 Winter Olympics – Go USA!

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Beard Head Mission Aborted, but I’m Still Going to the Olympics.

homie lyd my homie lyd

Crazy 24 hours. Beard Head mission aborted due to work visa issues.. so now I do not have an all expense paid trip to Vancouver.. but we had a 1 way non refundable ticket to Vancouver… also I had no place to stay.

So… all within ...Read more

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