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America’s Best Dance Crew ABDC Team Heavy Impact gives a wushu tribute in their West Coast Performance that just aired!

So if yall remember my previous post with the Pacific Rim interview and wushu challenge for the awesome Heavy Impact you might remember seeing a little move at the end that was featured on their live show at ABDC America’s Best Dance Crew Season 5 .

Here was the interview done a few weeks back.


Then… here is their performance for the West Coast Regional part of A...Read more

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Wushu Challenge for ABDC America’s Best Dance Crew Team Heavy Impact!

Alfred Hsing with Pacific Rim Press put on a little first challenge for the West Coast Reps of ABDC America’s Best Dance Crew (Season 5) Heavy Hitters aka Heavy Impact ! This was a really fun interview that we did after the Lucratif Street clothing shoot!

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First tricking compilation with Steve Terada and Scott McDonald at White Lotus: 720 Butterfly Twist. 720 Jump Outside. 720 Jump Inside Kick. In yo face!

So I’ve been branching out from purely wushu training now and going into san da and tricking/parkour. My roots are of course in wushu, but its totally fun to branch out and practice other styles.

Check out my first tricking compilation where I attempt my first “cork” – which is sort of like a reverse butterfly twist in some ways. Anyways, I got a few tips and bits of advice from Steve Terada and Trav...Read more

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GET LUCRATIF! Street Wear Clothing Photo Shoot!

alfred hsing get lucratif streetget lucratif street

I did a photoshoot over the weekend for a street wear company called LUCRATIF STREET. Their motto is “making something out of nothing”. I met and interv...Read more

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My 6 hour gym day.



I spent 6 hours at the gym today. I worked on some business. Everything feels right.

I took care of some business at the bank at noon.  David sold his business PokerBling which I was a partner (very small percentage of equity) in.. so we cashed out. I met up with him the da...Read more

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Pacific Rim Video’s New Correspondent in Action Interviewing Cash Money Records Artist T Lopez plus my own interview and wushu shoutout

Hey wsup yall! It’s Alfred Hsing with Pacific Rim Videooooo! Haha, that’s my intro to this video / blog session.

I recently connected with Pacific Rim Video - an online channel that promotes asian and latino artists in entertainment, fashion, and that whole industry.. Let me give you guys the story on how we all met in the first place.

I was performing for Jackie Chan at <...Read more

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Back to Work and Food Fight Demo

comp card i made for funanother version of my comp card. i made this one for fun

Lately I’ve just been settling back down in LA, catching up with a few friends, and mainly working on the biz side of life. Here’s what I’ve been up to the past 3 days.

BusinessRead more

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Working on my Comp Card and Watching New Police Story Trailer

alfred comp card alfred comp card

I’ve been working on a comp card and updating my theatrical resume today because I’ve been meaning to send out my demo reel along with my CV to some places. The above is still a work in progress, but thought I would post so...Read more

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Alfred Hsing fighting in the UFC octagon?

the contender asiaThe Contender Asia

Haha, just kiddin! I am not going to try to get into any sort of professional fighting… haha, but lately since I got back to the the states, I have been doing a good bit of mma / san shou training. In general been working out pretty intensely...Read more

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Cool activities of this week 2010-01-18

*If you love Jackie Chan you HAVE to watch this! – My JC adventures
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d6nP-AoDriI # jackiechan #thespynextdoor #

*driving back to LA now! #

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