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Had a little downtime in between filming Ip Man 3 so went to the local Samsung store in Shanghai China to check out the Galaxy S6 Edge. https://youtu.be/4WzEHHDXCjM #samsungmobile #samsunggalaxys6edge #galaxys6edge

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Alfredrocks is Back in Action

Alfred's Action Reel: http://v.youku.com/v_show/id_XNjk0MTE4NjY0.htmlHey friends! I've been gone for a while. Just wanted to let everyone know what I've been up to. I recently action coordinated for Zhang Ziyi and fought opposite Wang Leehom in "My Lucky Star". Then I action coordinated fo...Read more

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Green Tea vs Coffee – Pasadena Art Center Short Film. Plus my Return to China!

Li and JackLi and Jack

To my excitement I landed my first non martial arts related audition recently. Well to be honest, I don’t think I’ve really gone out to many auditions that require acting. The project is a grad student short called “Green...Read more

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Eyes on the Skies – Flying over Santa Monica and My Journey into Space!

Flying SR20 Plane

So I flew over Santa Monica yesterday in an SR20 plane. It was an awesome experience as I pulled the controls and pushed the throttle which lifted us off the ground to a gradual ascent. I climbed higher and higher white I released on ...Read more

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I Made it in Bollywood! ‘Aakhari Decision’ Released in India

*Aakhari Decision* Aakhari Decision

Aakhari Decision released in India is about a hitman that grew up loyal to his boss until one day he is forced to make a decision between a woman that has entered his lif...Read more

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LAFA Food Fight Demo Wushu Videos Online – Plus Happy Saint Patty’s Day!!

I performed a longfist and straightsword/drunken sword combo for a demo a month or two back for LAFA’s Annual Food Fight benefiting the Los Angeles Food Bank . The event was to raise food for those less privileged.

Here are the videos of our wushu demo portion:

Part 1 has some longfist / changquan performance.

Part 2 has some straight sword and drunken sword.

Had a great time and met some Sword Fight IncRead more

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Live to Ride Another Day

R6 and 999R6 and Ducati 999

Met up with Steve, my kpmg/city national bank co-worker’s husband who rides a Ducati 999 and R1 . We went to Azusa for some canyon riding! Woot! Had a blast and learned a lot. Ever since I’ve been traveling and getting my hustle on with...Read more

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Apathetic Heart (Song Cry) – An Original Track Written by Yours Truly

apathetic heartapathetic heart

Here we go – Apathetic Heart is a song I wrote while I was in Taiwan. I finally had a chance to put it together and record a quick video.  The inspiration behind the song came simply from the fact that my room in Taiwan h...Read more

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Website and Front Porch Get a Makeover

stapler gunstapler gun

Hey guys, I’ve still been a little sick. Here is a quick update.

Martial Arts/Stunts

Haven’t been training much because I was sick the past week or so. I’m in a recovering mode and just got the sniffles. Hopefully it will be comp...Read more

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