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Aloha Friends!

The video of Makana's Guitar Superstar Performance has just been posted on the web!

Check out his performance, the judges' comments (Satriani wants to steal his licks!!), and the other contestants as well. Let us know what you think!

Paste this link to your browser:

http://www.guitarplayertv.com/index.html?channel=gpsuperstar08&v...Read more

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Seven Waves of Creation (for all the writers out there!)

Hold true or appease? I know the voice inside speaks to me from a space of transcendent awareness that I just am too compressed and self absorbed to understand. But I listen to it anyway. It happens like this: the first wave is a push toward "something else", the conception of a movement, the call to change. The second wave washes me clean of accepted reality, freeing my perspective and filling me with inspiration, the catalyst bringing new life, new sound, new views. The third wave signals f...Read more

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Speechless (Language)


curse this modern language, with its inherent rules of separation! subject, action, object its structure is a prison. the subject is the object, and the action!

i propose a new amendment to the constitution: freedom from speech

the heart speaks. not a word is uttered.

the wind speaks. the ancients gave the winds names, but the wind outlives those names.

our words have been raped of their true meanings, and reorganized to reflect the illusion of separation and multiple identities.<...Read more

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Different Game

Making money. Being wanted. Feeling safe. Winning. Having the best. Gaining respect. Achieving status. Acquiring comfort. Finding the perfect partner. Living well. Seeming right. Avoiding pain. Appearing cool. Convincing others. Searching. Controlling. Imposing. Manipulating. Lying. Pretending. Competing. Distracting. Hurting. Threatening. Conquering. Dealing. Protecting. Preserving. Excluding. Disempowering. Cheating. Attacking. Separating. Suppressing. Projecting. Discouraging. Harassing. Fragmenting. Destroying. Endangering. Hoarding. Gutti...Read more

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