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Transformers review


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Transformers (2007)


| Entry | Just got back from a late night screening on Transformers at Emery Bay...

I avoided a lot of the hype and trailers and went into it w/ pretty reserved expectations, despite good word of mouth.

I was overall pleasentl...Read more

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7-Eleven becomes Kwik-E-Mart!

(Japanese and Chinese coming soon!)


As Amy mentioned in her blog two days back,  the awesomest promotion in the history of movie and television is currently underway here in the US:

今新 ザ・シンプソンズ映画為7-11コンビニとても面白キャンペーンする:

7-Eleven Becomes Kwik-E-Mart for &...Read more

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iPhone part 2!

OK, I have a bit of an addendum to my  iPhone quasi-review I posted up the other day.

Mcchubb and I met up for lunch and afterwards walked over to the apple store at Bay St to play w/ them.  They had a big sign up that said 'sorry sold out today'  but they had plenty to try out.  I spent about 15 minutes playing with it.  I tried the browser out and since stephen had asked, I loaded up alivenotdead.com (perhaps the ...Read more

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Back to the US part 4: Full Houses

So back to my USA trip blogging:

Saturday - in addition to visiting the Apple Store, we also went to SF with my friend Wilson and his friend Scott.


When the Eyeh family unit dropped me off at Wilson's place in Foster City we got a brief demo of the absolutely awesome video system that Read more

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Back in the US 3: Pilgrimage to Costco

ok, catching up more on my current trip to the US:

Friday - I was still trying to get over my jet lag, but Eyeh had the day off work.



The plan was to head to Costco in the afternoon.  But there were some things that had to be handled before departure:

Eyeh had to...Read more

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So as many of you probably heard,  the much hyped 'iPhone' went on sale on Friday in the US.  There were news reports of people standing in line for several days to get their hands on it first...  especially around here in the Bay Area, where Apple Die Hard nuts are the hardest...

Well turns out my friend Wilson C(who is more of a mobile gadget / general tech nut than an Apple-specific nut) was able to get one on 'opening day'...  How?  well he just drove by the apple store at around 5pm, realized there was almost no line and g...Read more

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Die Hard 4.0


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Live Free or Die Hard (2007)


| Entry | I went to see 'Live Free or Die Hard' (aka 'Die Hard 4.0') tonight at 1000 Van Ness.

I have been a big fan of the previous movies, I've seen all of them in the theater actually... so I wanted to see i...Read more

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Back in the US part 2

ok,if the one about the korean love hotel will count as part 1, this should be part 2...



As I mentioned, I flew in to SFO and took the BART to Berkeley:

Maybe its just me... I've been riding a lot of sparkling clean Japanese and HK trains for the past few years,  but the inside...Read more

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One more Japan blog: Carp's Game

OK, so its been a busy last week or so, but I finally finished my last blog from my Hiroshima trip from last (last,last?) week...   it took so long because of the video!

The last night in Hiroshima (after the okonomiyaki),  I went with Y0-chan to a pro baseball game at Hiroshima Stadium,  which is right next to the infamous 'Atomic Bomb Dome' ( wikipedia) in downtown...Read more

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SF and the Korean Love Hotels along the way...

I'm a very tired boy!  I'm in SF at casa de Yeh...  its been a long two days.  I'll blog more about the rest of my trip tomorrow,  but here's the first part of the trip - Korea!  (i typed it up on the plane on my way across the pacific):



On my way from HK to the US I had a red eye flight out of HK and then a 12 hour stop over in Incheon airport.  I arrived around 4:45 am and my flight to SF left...Read more

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April 13, 2007