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lots of fun

I was out til about 2:30 again last night (sunday night). ugh, but I had a really good time at the members party at the 'regal beagle'...

It was a lot different then the regular friday/saturday type events - no navy guys, (almost) no H gaijin, (almost) no H b-boy guys either for that matter. It was mostly just real party people (some of them pretty good dancers) out to have fun and be friendly, which is a good thing.

I took about 800 pictures, I'll have to put them online tonight or tomorrow.

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Suntory Dakara promotes civil unions?

The label on my Suntory Dakara drink (which as near as i can tell is just like Pocari Sweat and Coca-Cola's 'Aquarius') has a picture of a heart on it and it says 'Life Partner' on it... not exactly sure why.

The reason I bought it today was cause it came with a prize... it had a plastic bag around the cap with pictures of Speed Racer and G-force (in other words old school anime). so I opened it up when i got back to the lab and my prize was a small figurine (apparently one of 24 available)......Read more

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Asian Film Review: Pistol Opera (2002)

" Pistol Opera" - Uh... art house? Avant-gard? Experimental live theater captured on film? or perhaps just crap? I dunno.... but I'm leaning towards crap. Perhaps I need to experience Seijun Suzuki's other work first, but this movie started off weird and just got weirder from there. (and cheap and lame too).

Hypothetically its about assassins in Japan killing each other to achieve the rank of #1 killer...

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Asian Film Review: Saekjeuk shigong (Sex Is Zero) (2002)

    I just finished watching 

'Sex is Zero' ( click here for the trailer) a korean comedy that I got on DVD that is very hard to describe... other than to say its very H...

    Its sort of one part 

, one ...Read more

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