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Fuk 8/07 - pt 4 - Mega-Trance

Sorry for the delay in my Japan blogs!  As you can see from my recent blogs, things have been very hectic since I came back from that trip! And this blog had a video to edit....

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Special Guests, Group Photo and Something Disturbing

Today was actually my first 'official' day as an AnD employee... but its not really official start of my work... since:

(a) i have already been helping them out for several months off-the-clock... but as my university contract ended on Friday so now I'm 'free' to work for real.

(b) I still don't have my new work visa, so i'm not 'official' anyway. :-P But it was a busy day.  Starting from the traffic jam in the tunnel toll booth plaza... I still need to o...Read more

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Burning the candle from both ends...

Since everyone is expecting me to put up 'same day' pics after those last two blog entries,  here are a few quick pics from tonight (today's boat trip pics will have to wait!)

After our boat trip we all went home and rested.  I got about an hour 15 mins sleep and then some of us met up again at a bar/club in Soho.  Some friends of friends were in town for a few days so I got to tag along to meet them. Also Emily + Jojo's gang came along too. ;-)

I didn't really feel like taking too many...Read more

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Jojo + friends pt 2

Just got back from the Hardpack show (or rather the after party). ;-)

it was pretty good. I'll put my pics and vid up tomorrow night if i can find the time.

before the show I met up with Jojo+friends and Stephen and Eva for dinner .  we took the girls up to the Peak(山頂), since it was their first time visiting HK...  今晩僕は中国からの観光の友達をPeakまで連れて行った。

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Jojo + friends

It was supposed to be an early night, but of course things never work out that way,  AnD remote staff member jojo came to town with her friends Sun Ming and Leilei,  which means we gotta party, at  least a little bit. ;-)


I am a lucky boy.  美女三位!

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Big Time Hollywood Star gets to meet Etchy!

As you guys may know (from the NEWS section...),  Josh Hartnett is in HK filming a new movie called 'I Come with the Rain', by famed Vietnamese director Ahn Hung Tran (r ead this for more info).

If you don't know Josh Hartnett, the easiest descrīption is probably 'That guy from Pearl Harbor' (the one who wasn't Ben Affleck). you can also check out his wikipedia entry Read more

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Fuk 8/07 - pt 3: Hawks vs Marines

I'm back in HK now,  I flew back Monday, but like i said, i'm way behind,  it took me a few days to find the time to finish my baseball video!  Here it is along with some photos...


Watch the video first:

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L-hyUDDGegE

Since the quality of youtube leaves a lot to be desired, here are some photos:


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Fuk 8/07 - pt 2

Friday morning I met up with my old boss,  we had to go to Kitakyushu to give an engineering seminar.  It was being sponsored by two institutes,  they covered my plane ticket to come here and somehow got about 30 people to attend (i'll assume its one of those things where companies send someone to attend these things, regardless of whether they actually care about the actual subject matter).


We grabbed Read more

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Fuk 8/07 - pt 1

OK, in order to keep up with the rising tide of pictures from my trip, let's start on them now.

In light of last week week's China Airlines fire in Japan,  I was almost glad I ended up taking China Eastern Airlines this time.  It required me to change planes in Shanghai instead of Taipei:

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Japan... falling way behind

oh god, i'm never going to catch up on my blogs! 

this is what I did today:

1) went to Softbank Hawk's baseball game.

2) went to Hard Rock Cafe after the game

3) went to Costco after that

4) took a much needed nap

5) went to 'Mega Trance'  - stayed out until... ~5:30am!

6) wrote this blog! 

I've got way too much video to edit. :-P

i'm kind of glad i only come back here once every 3-4 months... any more often and i might not survive! ;...Read more

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