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back in HK... no rest for the wicked...

Just flew back to HK via Seoul...  I landed at 11:30pm,  didn't get home til almost 2 (stupid airport bus!)  took a shower, unpacked a bit,  its now like 3am,  i'm going to try to make it to my lab group's 9am meeting... I better get to bed soon or i'm screwed.(as soon as i blog!) :-P


PS - Inchon Airport Cola typos ROCK.  You may recalled 'Cock and Cock Light' from my vi...Read more

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Tartan's US version of Divergence

I went to the movies this afternoon and hung out with my friend Wilson C for a few hours.  I'm flying back to HK tomorrow morning, so I'll probably wait til I'm on the plane to write up my film review... but in the meanwhile here's something I spotted at Rasputin's in Berkeley that I wanted to discuss...

Let me back up and start from the top - In case you're not familiar, in 2005, Daniel Wu did a film called  ' Read more

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Back in the US 9: Zachary's Reunion

Back in SF... I had a horrible flight out from DC this morning.  7am flight = waking up at 4:30am...  get in the plane,  taxi onto the runway, drive around for 10 minutes, then  captain comes on the radio and says 'we've got a faulty valve, we have to go back to the gate to get it fixed'...  Etchy falls asleep (cause he went to bed at 1am and woke up at 4:30am),  wake up two hours later and we're still there on the ground waiting.

今日とてもDCからSFまでの一番早Flightが有った。4時半起きました、7時Flightから。でも滑走路に三時間待てなければな...Read more

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Back in the US 8: Old School

Not too much to blog about, I haven't been up to too much the last week here in DC.  I've been trying to get a draft of a journal article done in time for a meeting in CA on Friday....  and on the side taking care of my VCD burning,  trying to catch up on some American TV while I can...

I have been trying to enjoy my parents HDTV as much as I can.. I watched the 2nd half of the All-Star game the other night,  that was pretty cool.  They even had HD poker on tv last night...  I'm disappointed that 'Mythbust...Read more

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Back to the US 7: mass Transit + mass Consumerism

After the great 4 of july BBQ... I had to pack up and get to bed cause I had an early morning flight from SFO.... 

5日早朝僕は初めEast Coastまで飛行機乗る。両親の家帰った!Washington DCでしたよ!


Luckily Mrs. Eyeh was able to drop me off on her way to...Read more

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Back to the US 6: 4th of July BBQ!

On the 4th of July, Eyeh and family were kind enough to open their house and patio for an All American BBQ! 7月4日アメリカの独立記念日から僕達Eyeh君の家後ろでBBQした!

It was great weather and there was a good turnout:

Read more

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Back in the US 5: catching up again!

Ack,  i've fallen behind in my blogging again!  between the 4th of July BBQ and my travel (i'm in DC right now at my parents house for the next few days),  I have fallen behind again.


One of the problems was internet access via my laptop in my parents place was tricky.  but all day today we've had this guy from Verizon over installing a new fiber optic data, phone, TV.  so byebye comcast. it included free wireless hooked up too, sweet!

now  the guy is giving my dad ...Read more

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ROTTEN: 5/10  5/10


Snakes on a Plane (2006)


| Entry | Eric got this one on DVD from netflix. you know its going to be a bad formulaic airplane disaster flick.... and it is. I guess I didn't mind the campiness, or the bad CG, so much as I found the bad acting, stupid characters and bad scrīpt.

It ...Read more

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FRESH: 6/10  6/10


Shooter (2007)


| Entry | Watched this on the plane. I wasn't sure what to expect out of this one, but it was not half bad. Marky Mark plays an expert sniper who is set up by a secret black ops group to take the fall for a presidential assassination attempt.

As you can guess he's inn...Read more

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Bad movie review: land of women


ROTTEN: 3/10  3/10


In the Land of Women (2007)


| Entry | Watched it on the plane.

Title sounds like some sort of softcore lesbian p0rn, BUT it wasn't...

What a weird, weird movie... its not even trying to be a weird movie. Its some sort of bizarre...Read more

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