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HKDR Fashion Show

Thursday night a few of us went to the Hong Kong Dog Rescue Charity Fundraiser event that Rosemary V helped organize.  It was in a sushi restaurant in Times Square.  I took a bunch of pictures of the event's highlight - a super-model studed fashion show (right down the middle of the restaurant!)

Take a look:

Welcome! This was the sign board all the celebs posed in front of for the press on ...Read more

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while poking around the web i came across this bizarre story from Asian Bite:

Chinese Woman Wins Fame as Chairman Mao Clone!

(for the sake of your eyes, I won't link to the picture directly!)

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Sheung Shui to Kam Sheung

Last Saturday I rode my bike from campus to Sheung Shui up near the China border.  I had been planning on doing another ride on sunday, but we had record storms that day (flooding, lightning, you name it).

I was busy Monday and Tuesday, so my bike has been sitting up in Sheung Shui since Saturday.  I locked it up good and had the cover on, AND parked under a footbridge,  so it was fine. 

The question was, where to ride today?  Back home or onwards and upwards...Read more

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Japan has the most beautiful women in the UNIVERSE...

More than one of my Japanese friends couldn't help but make sure I heard that Miss Japan won the Miss Universe competition held today in Mexico:



begin content

This evening, during one of the year’s most exciting live international television events, a star-studded panel of judges chose Miss Japan, Riyo Mori, as MISS UNIVER...Read more

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Wii: Conan vs Serena Williams

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How to do route maps in Gmaps-pedometer...

To answer Mariana's request, I typed up a brief tutorial on how to use gmap-pedometer to do route maps (using Google's Maps). Gmap-Pedometer is apparently designed for runners to make maps of their runs.  I use it for biking, it also works for any sort of travel - driving, flying, whatever).  The key point is that it shows the distance of whatever path you draw on the map!

Its relatively simple to use,  just go to Read more

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Pirates 3 review

| Entry |

an EXTREMELY mild 6/10 for this one! one step away from a rotten in my book! (i thought it was less /not-rotten/ than pirates 2, if thats possible!)

clocking in at 2:45, not including the credits, this movie is all over the map (literally) and the story is more convoluted than even Pirates 2!

Read more
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Poker again and more biking

Last night after work i was going to try going to wushu again,  but sometime during the course of the day one of the muscles in my back started getting tighter and tighter so by the time i got downtown i was pretty sure trying to work out would be a really bad idea.  Instead I grabbed a quick dinner w/ several of the AnD usual suspects.  We were planning on rendezvousing with the ballet girls that night, but one of them got sick so we postponed it.

So instead we retired to SmellyDoubt's casa de completely heterosexual...Read more

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poker night

we played some poker again last night:

We did it at the SmellyDoubt-domestic partnership chalet on Caine Road.

We did two games, both were pretty quick... and the force was with me so i came in 2nd in the first game and won the 2nd game.  score!

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FEM in SF...

I want to make sure all my SF buddies know that the Far East Movement, one of the featured artists here on Alivenotdead.com is doing a show in SF next week:

(click to zoom)

more info at: http://www.synergysf.com/main.html

they did a show out here in HK a month or two ago, they actually were surprisingly good (a...Read more

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