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Fuk 8/07 - pt 1

OK, in order to keep up with the rising tide of pictures from my trip, let's start on them now.

In light of last week week's China Airlines fire in Japan,  I was almost glad I ended up taking China Eastern Airlines this time.  It required me to change planes in Shanghai instead of Taipei:

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Japan... falling way behind

oh god, i'm never going to catch up on my blogs! 

this is what I did today:

1) went to Softbank Hawk's baseball game.

2) went to Hard Rock Cafe after the game

3) went to Costco after that

4) took a much needed nap

5) went to 'Mega Trance'  - stayed out until... ~5:30am!

6) wrote this blog! 

I've got way too much video to edit. :-P

i'm kind of glad i only come back here once every 3-4 months... any more often and i might not survive! ;...Read more

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Update from Japan!

Hey guys,  I am in Japan right now!  I flew in to Fukuoka yesterday and gave my seminar today.  Things have been really busy and I've been running around to my old stomping grounds (i lived hear for almost two years until last August).


Here's a few key pics, more to come! 二枚写真:

Night time shot of Nakakawa River... To the left is Hakata, to the right is Fu...Read more

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Blood Brothers Premiere - pt 2

After the screening,  a couple of us were able to get an invite to the official 'After Party' for Blood Brothers.  When we got to the place, we saw a bunch of paparazzi crowding out front.  

首映 紅地毯會以後我們也參加'以後會'.來時好多記者拍照片.他們拍從黑車來的人.是誰?プレミアショー後”アフターパーティも参加した。着き時、パパラチー一杯が居た。黒車からの人を撮った。誰ですか?

They were all focusing on a black van that had pulled up:

The question ...Read more

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Blood Brothers Review

In addition to the red carpet premiere festivities,  we also got to actually see the movie too.  I've been looking forward to it for a while, but I had also heard from a few people that there were some problems with the movie... so I went into the screening with tempered expectations.

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Something for the Ladies... pt 2

boy I've got my work cut out for me... took so many pictures and video last night, its going to take me a few days to prep it (hopefully I can get some done on the plane tomorrow!)

In the meanwhile, let me share some more photos, continuing from this blog.... think of it as a bit of a preview of whats to come:

On my way to SW on monday night I was at the toll booth waiting for my bus connection when I decided to snap some...Read more

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Blood Brothers Premiere - pt 1

The AnD crew headed down to Wanchai last night to check out the premiere screening of Daniel Wu's new film,  'Blood Brothers' ( 天堂口 ).

昨天晚上我們去看'天堂口'的首映 紅地毯會在灣仔.昨日僕達Danielの 新映画”天堂口”のプレミアショー参加した。

It was the typical big poster photo op type event.  In this case it was in the HK convention center's theater, the same place they did the Read more

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'Kaiju Shakedown': blogs about the blog.

As many of you probably know,  the AP picked up Jet's blog about action films in China... some presented it accurately, and picked up on the key point that he was pretty diplomatic in his words in order to avoid seeming critical but still pointing out the difficulty he faces....   some papers spun it a bit (adding words like 'Frustration'),  and some (ehem - Read more

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not fit for the news... and i hope its not true...

Last week I posted up that Jet Li Beer commercial... this time I have a sneak preview news of a movie I certainly hope never sees the light of day... the more you read, the worse it sounds:

Zhang Ziyi to Star in 'Laundry Warrior'?

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Ballet + Ruby Tuesdays

Friday we met up in my neck of the woods (NT baby!) to check out the HK Ballet's production of 'Swan Lake' at the Shatin Community Theater.  I've seen the China National Ballet do one act from Swan Lake during a US tour I went to back in the day, but this is the first time I've seen the whole thing.  I enjoyed the show, especially the first and third acts.  (these are the ones w/ 'norms' in it.... the other two acts are the 'swans'...  

The night we went Faye was dancing the female lead, I th...Read more

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