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K-1 Hong Kong - finally!

By the time you read this, I'll probably be basking on a beach in Waikiki with a Corona like in those commercials....  (ok, maybe not two major things wrong with that image).  But I've post-dated this entry so you'll get your Etchy fix...

It took me forever to finish!  but finally I have put up my K-1 Hong Kong pictures and Video!  You may recall that this event was actually held in HK over two months ago... but because I took so much video, it took me a long time to actually finish this! :-P

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Hawaii - pt 1

hey guys!  we are in hawaii now!    here is a quick blog reviewing the past day or two:

we flew out thursday morning hk time. it was me, pat , swang, boon from AnD along w/ Phat, Kit and Kim (the original 'Heavenly Kings' crew)

on the airport train:

we were pretty lucky, for some reason china airlines put us in Business Class on the way to Taipei:

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another quick one...

11 hours to go before take-off...  I've got most of my stuff packed up for Hawaii,  just prepping my DS and my phone videos (i'm half way through the Japanese version my favorite old school Anime...)

Here's another quick blog before my trip.  A few pics off my phone cam from a few weeks back that i never got around to uploading:

Another one for my Kigurumi Gallery!

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Muay Thai I-1

Some vid and pics from last night's 'I-1 Muay Thai Grand Slam' held last night in Kowloon Bay:

Here's a video:

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_vUfGdRG4es

And a few pics:

It started a bit late, but to keep us entertained they had this blonde girl in a bikini standing next to some vintage B...Read more

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quick blog...

A quick blog this time...  I was at work til about 8:15 and then headed home.  I quickly dumped my stuff and headed back out to the KCR.  I had to go to Taipo Market to find my bicycle.  I locked it there almost a month ago and hadn't had a chance to go back to ride it since. 

I was 75% the cops would have removed it by now, cause i left it in a pretty busy area... but luckily it was still there and still intact (except someone ripped/cut...Read more

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The Drummer (戰‧鼓)

I just got back from watching an afternoon showing of The Drummer ( 戰‧鼓) at the theater near my house. 

I was a bit suspicious of these types of melodramas... you know the ones, where some misfit or misfits come together around an activity and ultimately triumph over something, or straighten out their lives or whatever.   Whether its ' Stand and Deliver', ' Swing Girls'or ' Dodgeball',  its usually entertaining but ultimately a bit clichéd ... 

So when I saw the trailer for 'The Drummer' I w...Read more

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AnD.com/Diesel RESPECT Party

OK guys, sorry I couldn't get this done sooner, here's the 2nd set of pictures from Thursday night's big event ( part 1 is here).  これは木曜日夜のパーティーの第二部。写真展始まるパーティー後、24味とDan The Automator (有名アメリカからDJ)の音楽ショした。

After the gallery show was done, they shuffled us all upstairs to their performance space. 24 Herbs and Read more

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AnD Diesel Wing Shya Photo Exhibit

As some of you guys may know, Terence/ Dan/ Patrick/et al set up a really cool collaboration between Alivenotdead.com,  Diesel Clothing company and Wing Shya, who is an awesome photographer who helped take some of Read more

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Shek O beach house BBQ

On Sunday we were lucky enough to get invited to a BBQ party at a beach house in Shek O ( 石澳 - wikipediagoogle map).   Read more

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久ちゃん pt. 2

Day 2 - 美ちゃん was working this day, so it was just me and 久ちゃん for most of the day. 


Despite bad air quality and super sunny conditions,  I packed a lot into the plan for Saturday.  Starting with:

Wow, Cecilia Cheung's got her own star now?   This must be new... 

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