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Harajuku Girls!

I just wanted to let everyone know I put up a new photo album:



Etchy's Harajuku Girls Pictures! 27 different images of bizarre freakishness ...Read more

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Saikung 07: chapter 3

While I was back in the US I missed out on not one, but TWO boat trips... (after going on two in the month of june)  so after hearing how much fun I had missed out on, I knew i couldn't pass up the next one.   僕はアメリカ行った時、香港の友達2回船パーティした!参加なかった!残念!それから次のパーテイ機会があったとき、もちろん参加した。

Emily invited us to join her and her friends on a really nice, high end rental package...Read more

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Viva Erotica Revisited

I was flipping through the cable channels when i got home tonight - Stars had a bunch of good movies on in a row... they showed 'Rob-B-Hood', then ' Divergence' and finally 'Viva Erotica',  Derek Yee and Law Chi-Leung's 1996 classic. 

I had seen ' Viva Erotica' on vhs back in the day (probably 10 years ago or so), and I remembered that i...Read more

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Ani-Com Day 1 Part 2

Continuing from the yesterday's blog entry Ani-com Day 1 - part 1 here are 'the rest' -  the music pics from Friday night... AND yes, another Etchy Original Video! :-D


As I mentioned yesterday, they had a stage set up at one end of the venue.  Earlier in the evening they had some pop singers and a battle of the bands.  I'm not sure who any of them were, but I got pics of one of them:Read more

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Ani-com Day 1 - part 1

Hey guys,  here are the first set of pictures i took yesterday at the Ani-Com/Game Fair here in Hong Kong.

I've never been to an anime convention before... but having lived in japan for two years and been a frequent customer at many a maid cafe,  i'm quite familiar with anime, cosplay and the whole deal. 

We were going to ani-com because AnD artists Josie and Ryan were performing in the stage area at night.  I got there around 5pm to find Pat his nephew and a bunch of AnD members (Andrew, Jezz, Yuki, etc)  alre...Read more

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Good Samaritan Etchy...

I went down to Mongkok late this evening to do some shopping and grab dinner.  On my way out of Yoshinoya I was crossing Nathan Rd (one of, if not the busiest road in HK),  when I saw a blind guy with a cane crossing the road in the opposite direction.

I turned to watch him walking, as I sometimes do... I'm always amazed that someone with limited or no eyesight can ge...Read more

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geeky blog: fixing my laptop part 1...

Since my trip to Washington DC my beloved Fujitsu P7010 laptop has been acting up. 

It resembles this one:

It was the bomb back in 2004 when I bought it.  3lbs, DVD drive, 4-5 hour battery life... now its getting old, the battery doesn't last more than 3 hours or so and the processor struggles.

But it was still quite usable until recently.  Two weeks ago the fa...Read more

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Enter the Contest


AnD Wants to Send YOU to Hawaii! | AnD送你去夏威夷參加電影節! Unless you are blind, you've probably noticed the new stage at the top of the front page.  In case you somehow missed it, here's the blurb:

Alivenotdead.com is teaming up with Alive(aka Daniel, Terence, Read more

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Kuroko Video

Like that matrix ping-pong one,  more Kabuki-inspired KurokoJapanese comedy.  The second half is even more impressive:

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zYsDsEcfG0g

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Rack's Calendar Party

Last thursday Pat and I headed over to everyone's favorite LKF pool hall, Racks for an interesting event, Swang and T came by a bit later. 

It was a party to promote the release of Rack's new calendar. It's a cross promotion with Diesel Jeans, on sale at HMV and the proceeds go to the Breast Cancer Fund(i believe, don't quote me on any of this).

先週木曜日Rack'sでCalendarのエベントした。有名香港モデル達Lisa、Ana RとRosemaryはCalendarの写真に居る。

The calendar features Read more

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