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Final Boat Trip?!

We had yet another boat trip to Saikung today,  perhaps the last one of the season....  after some bad luck w/ the weather the last month,  this one turned out pretty good:


This was actually from the Star Ferry on the way over. 

We left from Pier 9 by IFC,   got on our boat and headed east.  This boat was through Julie who works for the Mouse.  They have a comp...Read more

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new camera!

Bob and I went to CWB after work and I picked up my new camera from the store...  our favorite staff member 'McC@rtnex'  was working the counter and remembered us from last weekend.

I got he Canon IXUS 75.... which is known in the US as the SD750, and known in Japan as the IXY90... (why can't they just use one name!?)

Its a pretty nice design. I've always been a fan of using my camera to show old pics to friends, so the big LCD is nice.

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So What Release Party

Last night we went over to Cixi to see So What's release party for their new EP, 幸福 Happiness ( click for event listing).

昨日晩も一度コンサットを参加した。’So What'のバンドの新CD封切り為のパーティした。ビデオだけ撮った。見て:

I didn't take any pictures since my camera is still F'ed up, but here's a few video clips I put together:

Video: http://ww...Read more

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Josie @ Quiksilver in CWB

Last night Josie did a kind of strange performance in Causeway Bay... it was the grand opening for a new Quiksilver store.  In addition to some fancy party up the street, they also had Josie do a performance at the store. They had a very small stage area set up on their store's balcony. 

A bunch of us AnD staffers met up with some AnD members to help distribute more of Josie's Blog's  Fliers that we had printed out.   There was more of a chance to pass out the fliers here ...Read more

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Josie Fliers: AKA 'What I was doing at Magnum...'

I posted one of these pics already in a forum thread, but I wanted to share them here since Norm Yip left a guestbook comment asking a question related to it...

In late July with a lot of help from AnD volunteers and a few artists, we managed to hand out several thousand AnD fliers at the Ani-Com.  We decided to try it again, this time with an artist specific flier. 

Since the musicians make concert ...Read more

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Josie's show at '你Jam我都Jam'

Hey guys, a few hours ago I met up with a bunch of AnD members to help pass out fliers at one of Josie's performances.  I wasn't sure how big this event was going to be, so I brought many hundreds of our new Josie flier,  turns out there were only a few hundred people there, but we made sure they all got a flier:


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Soundbase Accoustic Festival 2007

There were two music events going on last night that I wanted to check out,  one was Soler's show at the HK Academy of the Performing Arts, the other was the Soundbase Acoustic Band Competition finals (w/ a performance by Ryan Hui):

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Nine Inch Nails... not a fan.

Last night we went to see the Nine Inch Nails perform at Asia World Expo Center here in HK...


I can't say I've ever been a big fan of theirs,  but of course they had a lot of hits in the last 10 years, so I recognized a lot of their stuff... but I didn't really enjoy the show that much...

I dusted off my old broken EX-Z500,  it can still take a halfway decent shot or two if i do it right:

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Poker again!

Its quite late,  i just got back home a few minutes ago....  i was working til about 8 and i decided to run over to catch the Soundbase Accoustic Band competition (pictures and vids coming tomorrow!),  afterwards I met up with Janelle and Bob and we enjoyed another game of poker with some of Janelle's friends.

I was a bit worried, because we were playing with a bunch of new people,  a few of whom seemed to know a bit about poker, and worse yet, a bunch of people who didn't! (novices are hard to play against because they play very...Read more

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Boon's Birthday + Poker

A quick blog about last night (i started typing this up last night but was too tired to finish!)

Yesterday was Boon's birthday, so we went out to Korean BBQ after work,  then we went to play some poker with most of the usual suspects and a few first timer attendees.  In the middle of one round in our first game, Janelle had them bust a surprise on Boon:


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