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It's been a while since I last wrote a blog entry. Hope everybody is doing fine.  When I first started working as a host, you guys won't believe how many NG takes it took me to say my tag. I was dead nervous. Maybe coz it ain't the same with acting. To me acting is much easier to do coz I was not really me but another character. In real life, I am actually a pretty shy person. I mean... I get nervous super duper easily. hahaha... I was like super nervous when I was surrounded by soooooooo many people watching me doing my tag that I kept having to retake. Super embarrassing. I am better now. I guess doing LIVE show helps a lot. Now days, I don't need more than 1 NG to do tags. hahaha.... These are videos were the first few interviews I did.  我都有一段蠻長的時間沒有寫BLOG了。希望大家都過的好好的。剛開始擔任主持工作的時候,我的表演真的好差!每次說TAG都要NG很多次因為我過度緊張。和當演員根本是兩回事。演戲對我來說容易很多。可能因為投入了角色吧?其實我真人還蠻害羞的,很容易過度緊張。記得小時候,大概兩歲吧。。。要扮男裝走台步。走到一半,看到觀眾裡有人在笑,覺得好像在笑自己,我走到一半全身僵硬。之後就跑回護士懷抱裡大哭了一場。哈哈。。。從小,我就是那樣的容易過度緊張,對自己超級沒有信心;又過度擔憂他人對我的目光。可是這次當現場主持和外景主持訓練了我堅強面對任何困難。我覺得我的心也堅強起來了。甚至於面對自己人生的事情也會堅強的去克服。人堅強起來,自然就不會過度情緒化。上次拍LKF啤酒節的TAG時候,被一大班人圍著,真的很想死。緊張到話都說不出來,狂NG,超丟臉!!!!現在想起都想昏過去。好險現在好多了。NG不過一兩次就OK了!哈哈。。。就算情況有多不樂觀,都不再成問題。想起彭發導演的拍攝情形,就知道自己進步了很多。兩三個鐘頭的訪問時間既然在13分鐘內做完。還不錯吧?哈哈。。。這些都是我剛剛開始的片段。希望你們會喜歡。Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HoALoptJCMAVideo: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B--m0j-j5MUVideo: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2-7gaku54VsVideo: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=behp3iwUOfQVideo: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yZELuySj9ag

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Good to hear from you!!! Good luck with everything! :)
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