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喜歡寵物的朋友們都可以每星期日晚上8:30收看健康生活台的寶貝“直播”節目和我同嘉賓談天。我們每一個星期都會介紹不同的犬類。可以在有線27台,或者打電話到297 999 77或用VIDEO CALL 3548 2727或發短信到506 506。喜歡上網的朋友們也可以上 www.hlctv.net 收看直播。內地的朋友們也可以使用PPLIVE收看直播。記得捧場喔!!!Dear friends, I haven't seen you guys for a while. Maybe to some, I haven't even ever talked to you. I am running a  LIVE TV SHOW calledPets Carenow. There will be different guest every week introducing different types of dogs. It's live broadcasted on CableCHANNEL 27. You can go onwww.hlctv.net(you would need safari/firefox to do so) and friends in China could watch throughPPLIVE(better reception).Call into chat with the guest and I on297 999 77orVIDEO CALLIN 3548 27 27  or sendsmsto 506 506. See you THEN~~~ 

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Congratulations! I'd love to watch it! :)
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