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26 Happiness Rd on Youku

For friends that can't view youtube, our editor has uploaded the trailers on YOUKU. Thanks for watching and I hope that you guys like it.  Video: http://v.youku.com/v_show/id_XMjE1MTg3MDQw_type_99.htmlVideo: http://v.youku.com/v_show/id_XMjE1MTgzMjk2_type_99.htmlThe stark contrast between city and village life are personified in a father-daughter relationship strewn with misread intentions and emotional distance.  Xun-Qing, a longtime city-girl from the country side, revisits her village after some years to see her father, Zhou, a soft-spoken elderly man who owns and still operates his humble brick factory.  However, now he does so with visibly aging hands.  A worried Xun-Qing wholeheartedly suggests he move to the city to live a “better life” with her.  Their already fractious relationship further deteriorates when her offer is met with Zhou’s emphatic rejection, thus re-opening past wounds turning conversations into quarrels.Caught in the midst of the storm are the brick factory workers, one of whom is Xiao-Bing – a hard-working, steadfast young man unorphaned by Zhou as a child.  Throughout the ordeal, Xun-Qing finds familiar and kindred solace in Xiao-Bing’s blunt brotherly advice, just like their childhood years.  Together they visit colourful past stomping grounds that reignite a heart-warming nostalgia they both haven’t felt in years.  Through this feeling, Xun-Qing discovers that everyone's definition of "happiness" is different and that she herself, at the age of 26, is still searching for just that.  The day comes when Xun-Qing returns to Beijing to her busy life, however, without her father, without reconciliation, and without closure.  Now, she is left with only speculation as to whether Zhou was pushing her away, or truly happy at home - the village he always knew. 兩父女,兩個世界的鴻溝,城市與鄉郊的衝突,因為愛, 所以把對方推開。二十來歲的周順清,母親早喪,父親經營一間磚廠。順清自小離家, 和父親的關係日漸疏離,順清應父親的要求回老家。提前回到老家的順清,百感交集,對父親的怨恨一直沒有消除, 因為父親年紀老邁,順清提議他搬到北京和自己同住, 但二人說一說便吵起來。父親的關心沒有說, 女兒的好意也變成惡意,不歡而散。磚廠的一班工人夾在兩父女的衝突中間。其中一個叫小兵, 跟老周和順清如同家人。順清亦將自己心中的鬱結告訴小兵, 自小父母雙亡的小兵,勸順清把心裡的話對父親直說。最後………

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Thanks for thinking about us in mainland who don't have access to Youtube!!! ;) Both excellent trailers!!! You really are a great actress (no bullshit!)... Anyone can tell right away after seeing these videos! I can't wait to watch the film... Keep up the good work and take care of yourself... :)
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