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Spraycans, spraycans, what you gonna do, what you gonna do when they come for you...

To be specific I am interested in everything. I believe in eclecticism, the fusion of ideas and styles of creation. The power to pick n' mix ideals past and present to come up with one’s own systems and beliefs in art and life.

I am currently travelling South east Asia, although I’d prefer to be "touring"... exhibiting, meeting and collaborating with likeminded artists and creative people, mixing passion and dreams and exposing the outcome for everyone to see and experience.....Hopefully thanks to alivenotdead and the power of the internet I’ll be able to fulfill this dream by doing some live shows along the way.

I am currently in Malaysia i will be appearing throughout Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam, Myanmar, China, Hong Kong, Korea, Japan....more or less in that order. I left London with a one way ticket, a heart full of passion and a head full of adventure!

Since an early age I have kept volumes of sketchbooks which have become the foundation of my style which I describe as a fusion of Graffiti, Pop-art, Futurism, Abstract and Expressionism, which I refer to as being Graffadelik or Graphadelic (I’m not sure which spelling I prefer). This art is best created with an audience present, without a plan, large scale and live, a stream of consciousness, a channeling of surrounding energy.

I constantly look to re-invent ways of creating visually and I really enjoy the challenge of making custom pieces and working alongside other artists. I am open to challenges and suggestions, so if you have something in mind call me, I am interested in illustrating magazines, books, tattoos, murals etc.

My work is personal and contains meanings but I’m more concerned whether people like it or not at face value.

As a Dj and producer I’m interested in writing music that’s friendly enough to dance and relax to but interesting and experimental enough to be recognized as forward thinking. I am interested in finding new rhythms and sounds that have not yet been heard to include in my compositions

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Spraycans, spraycans, what you gonna do, what you gonna do when they come for you...

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