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Sony commercial

Some behind the scenes shots of the Sony Commercial that we shot in September.  I saw it for the first time yesterday.  It was supposed to be a 2 day shoot but we squeezed it into one SUPER LONG DAY... but it was worth it cause then it allowed us more free time to hang out in Singapore!  I'll try to get a copy of it and post it haha...

I can add "Hand Model" to my CV haha...

... supper Singaporean Style after a long day of shooting ... with Hokkien Mee and Nasi Lemak!

A lot of people have commented that the commercial means something... but the truth of it is that the Sony people picked the teams based on different criteria... as well when talking to them they have no idea what happens and are glued to the TV every week,  also there will be other teams doing different things...I'm sure...just keep your eyes out for them !!

Wishful thinking y'all  !!!  HAHA !!!!  VMC

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Cool. Love Sony (for the most part). Also <3 Oreos. ;) I did some hand modeling before. Totally impromptu as I was just supervising the shoot. I was holding a CD-ROM drive and showing how to install it into a PC. Glamorous, innit? lol
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oreos is Singapore style? :-P
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"This is a phone and it is red... You MAY be eliminated."
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everything tastes good when it's deep fried... Check it out...my next project! www.cbfresh.com .... HAHAHA... !!!! VMC


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