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Jeanne Hartman

Hey y'all I've been so slack with the blogging lately but I've got to let you all know about this...

##If y'all get a chance, sign up for Jeanne Hartman's acting class while she is still here in Hong Kong.  No matter what your acting experience or ability is,  you will definitely take something away to help you with your craft.  I just finished taking the 2 day intensive last week and it was AMAZING...

Jeanne creates a safe and fun environment to learn and play.  The great thing is that she doesn't tell you what you need to do to improve... but allows you to discover it on your own...There are no blanket questions and answers here... everyone actor is different and she knows how to get the best out of each and everyone one of us.  I learned so much while going through my scene work and also by observing others.  I was blessed to be in the same course with some great actors and directors who all brought a myriad of experience to every scene dissection and discussion. 

Thanks to AnD and Jason Tobin for helping co-ordinate these classes!  Thanks Jeanne for helping me become a better "detective".  See y'all at the final gathering!! 


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Jasontobin 82 jasontobin
You were great in class! Hilarious! I'm so glad you came and committed yourself to every scene and exercise. I hope this helps you in your career! See you on Thursday!!
about 15 years ago
Photo 403831
Awesome! I'm taking the class tomorrow & Wednesday. :) You and I need some shutterbug time too - whenever you and Michael are free eh?
about 15 years ago
Photo 80548
You are so lucky to be there. I wish I could next time. Hope we can be classmates! :-)
about 15 years ago
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thats cool. always good to improve your skillz.
about 15 years ago
Yungyungyu 9f image
SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO come tomorrow!!!!!
about 15 years ago
Lady detective with caption
Great job Vince. It was a joy working with you and getting to know you too. I loved seeing you discover how much talent you have yet to discover in yourself!! Hope to see you thursday. Jeanne
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