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Episode 9 We're back on top!

We’re back on top!

Go to Pune India and Cricket Stadium

We got into our taxi and headed back to the airport to take a flight to Mumbai.  On the plane I asked a flight attendant what the best way to get to Pune was and she said that we should get a pre-paid taxi because it would be ensure that we get there and at a fair price.  When we got to Pune we had to look for a stadium to get our next clue.  Geoff and Tish were ahead of us and we saw that their taxi stopped so we stopped ours  Geoff had saw the flag and so we followed them and left our taxi … however… it was the wrong place.

 It was not the stadium but the next challenge location.  We had to flag down an auto rickshaw to bring us to the stadium.  That was quite a challenge because not everyone could speak English but we were finally were able to find one. 


When we finally got to the stadium we had to put on all the cricket gear and hit a cricket ball to the wall.  I have never played cricket but I do play baseball and softball so I just used the same swing. 

On the first pitch I swung and missed but I was able to get a feel of the speed and angle the ball was coming at   … so on the second pitch I adjusted my swing and hit the ball… it passed through all the fielders and hit the boards!

Nokia GPS

We next had to use the GPS navigation system on a Nokia phone to bring us to the next challenge … it was really fun kind of like playing a video game…. Haha … we overshot our turns a few times and even directed our driver to turn into a pedestrian walkway to get back on course…


When we got to the destination I decided to do the roadblock… it was a good thing too because it was another searching task and I’m taller and had a better view of the situation hahah.... it was quite confusing because I had to search for the CORRECT pheta but the guys wearing them were all moving around,,,, !!!  my system was to start on one side and move up and down the coloumns making sure that I stopped everyone as I swept through…after many many incorrect phetas I eventually found the CORRECT pheta in the middle of the field….

Tell Us a Joke

We next had to go to the Sony store and use the HD handycam to record someone telling us joke in English that a panel would  later judge to determine if it was funny or not.

We ran out of the store ready to rock and roll and asked numerous people to tell us jokes but most didn’t speak English… we luckily found a couple on a scooter who were willing to tell us a joke… and luckily when we played it on the BRAVIA TV the panel gave it the THUMBS UP …

Why did the one handed man cross the street?..... To go to the second hand shop! …. HAR HAR HAR…

Push or Crush

We decided CRUSH and sell juice because we thought that it would be fun haha…. we had to make 200 rupees in sales so I asked our driver how much sugarcane juice usually goes for and he told us 5 rupees so that meant selling 40 cups… When we got to the destination we realized that it was an OLD SCHOOL sugarcane juice maker haha… I decided to be the one turning the machine… and Sam would feed the sugarcane into it …

t wasn’t caught on camera but while turning the machine I knocked Sam in the head a few times with the lever haha… we wanted to get out of the area ASAP because we knew that the other teams were on the way and we didn’t want to share the crowd with them when we were selling our juice… while we were making the juice we saw Tania and Ida pushing a cart full of pots…. We thought that they would have chosen to juice since pushing the cart seemed really exhausting … eventually were able to sell 40 cups and were off to find the next clue  

U TURN and Pit Stop

When we opened the clue we realized that we there was a U TURN ahead so we wanted to get there before anyone could U TURN us… When we got to the U TURN station we decided not to use it because we were confident that we were substantially ahead and not in danger of being last but we thought that Tania and Ida might be ahead of us so we were not in contention to become first… and since you can only use a YIELD and U TURN once … we thought that it wouldn’t be a good time to use it…  (you never know …we might need to use it later)

After the U TURN station we opened our clue and it told us the head for the PIT-STOP we got back into our auto rickshaw and headed for the Gokhale Institute.  When we jumped onto the mat we were shocked when Alan said to us … YOU ARE TEAM NUMBER 1 !!!!!  

AWESOME !!!  plus we got COOL NOKIA PHONES TOO for coming in first for that leg….

And … yes I CHOOSE D... all of the above… because in this RACE anything can happen TEAM HK still in the game…


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way to go Weisi and Shan Mu!!!
over 15 years ago
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great job! at least you won something besides for another trip to Thailand! ps - the joke was actually pretty funny!
over 15 years ago
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ps - i'm glad that the singapore women didn't get eliminated this round! i was expecting to go after that u-turn (and so were they!)
over 15 years ago
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You were right next to where I always stay in Mumbai!
over 15 years ago
Photo 62424
Vince will always be my hero!
over 15 years ago
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wow wow wow~~~ Congratutlation!
over 15 years ago
Scottiehui 97 scottiehui
I'm so freakin' far behind on the show man. Good luck.
over 15 years ago


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