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Cherry Beeeee MV

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Cherry Beeeee Making-of !

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Vanessa's Vlog - Making of original song Love Castle 【原創歌曲-

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Vlog - DS Studio!

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紙飛機 live version @ Jessica's home studio

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vlogging 2 !

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voting! (again.. haha..)

My dear blog readers ,

yes yes, I know.. I'm asking you guys to help me to vote again :p

I hope this is the last time that I need to ask u guys to do so!

I have joined a singing contest held by MBC in Korea and I went to Korea last month!


非常非常難忘的體驗~~ 現在很需要大家的支持來實現我的夢想 ~~請到下面的網誌投票!

Here are some clips of my peformances and makeover:

http://goo.gl/NWI4W  Press VOTE 按VOTE (最好用internet ex...Read more

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Monday, November 29, 2010

Hey all, I joined a youtube MBC audition, please vote for me if you like my singing!


choose "HONG KONG" , and "User name A-Z", then you will see me in page two (the song is Bogoshipda), click LIKE to vote, thanks!!!!

最近參加了網上的韓國歌唱比賽! 如果大家喜歡我唱的歌,請投我一票!

http://ytasianidol.appspot....Read more

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Jessica, Gary and my 作品 : 夏午茶 <3

This is a song composed by my friend Jessica. She's the one who wrote 紙飛機 :)

Gary and I wrote the lyrics together this time and it is about "Afternoon Tea"~!

I looooooooooooooooove afternoon tea as you can see from my pictures, haha!! I hope you guys will like this happy song!

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hello everyone! welcome to my blog! You can visit http://www.aboutabby.com for my performing schedule, photos, and music!! P.S. I might miss some of your


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