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Tony in Beijing

深圳機票                                                                  中央電視新大樓

平民Taxi                                                                   國旗飄揚

Beijing 的黑夜

北京少見的 ( 籃天白雲 )                                      車裡的我

錢櫃的一角                                                          中國民工萬歲

奶箱???                                                                 月夜燈影下

空中飛翔                                                                 雲中的光明

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what comes out of there?!? ;-)
about 11 years ago
Photo 43352
thanks for sharing your pics very artistic but anyway i love your last pic in the car i guess it's a good time to visit there
about 11 years ago
Welcome to beijing man !!! i am living in beijing btw !!! hope u have some fun here ...
about 11 years ago
Photo 5614
interesting picture... =D
about 11 years ago
Photo 5614
oh... were you in Beijing for work? great pictures.... =)
about 11 years ago
Rottendoubt a4 patrick
that is a crazy looking building!
about 11 years ago


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