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Hello everybody

我好耐冇寫Blog啦, 因為最近比較忙, 不過係忙自己嘅嘢, 我將以前跳舞錄咗嘅VHS轉做DVD, 一開始咗就唔停得, 要將幾+盒180分鐘嘅VHS, 轉做DVD係一件好大獲嘅事, 不過一邊燒一邊睇番N年前嘅自己, 又覺得好開心, 上個星期五仲有同以前班Dancers一齊去上堂, 嘩.....真係好玩到儍咗, 其實佢地8月以經開始咗, 不過係我冇時間去, 希望日後可以多D參與啦, 你地睇吓我地幾開心!!!!!!!

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Redgate profile
that kid in front is adorable :)
about 11 years ago
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put it on youtube!
about 11 years ago
Photo 5614
hehee... yes you guys all look so happy... =D wow... that is quite a task to transfer all the VHS to DVD... hope you are finished now.. hehee.. ;) have a great time in the dance class...
about 11 years ago
Rottendoubt a4 patrick
hahah nice group shot!
about 11 years ago
Photo 23617
Wow... i wanna dance with you guys too.
about 11 years ago
Photo 43352
i love to see you look so fine and happyhappy開心
about 11 years ago


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