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Stunt diary 93th & 95th week

Hello guys,

you see the distance between one and another blog is longer and longer. It´s because I have to move to Berlin and I can´t do the training every week now. It´s to expensive. Have to live in one place and then it will work. On the other hand I have a lot to do right now. I working on the Musketeers 3D. New Paul Anderson movie. There are a lot of fight scenes in there and it´s a lot to do. Look forward to this movie, these scenes are great. Hope they shoot and cut it that you can see the work.

My tumbling training moved on. Practise a lot of the basics in Berlin the last time. Now I´m in Munich! Also hard to train here. But I do what I can.

Swimming? I don´t know what water feel´s today.

Yesterday I saw the horses, but htere is no chance that I can ride because the horses have a lot to do with the actors.

Trampolining is ok. There is still no problem.


I added a link from my last Galileowork. Here you can see the A-Team myth

Have fun with it.

Good bye

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