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Stunt diary 89th 90th 91th week

Sorry guys,

I did´nt wrote for long time. There we´re to much stuff happened here!

First about the Stunt Register:

It does´nt work! I called them and they told me the compination I want to train does´nt work! Really awful!!!!

I can do Wushu, Gymnastics, Trampolining, Swimming, Scuba Diving, Climbing, Horse Riding!

Wushu is a problem because of my ankles right now. Need to be careful and because of that can´t train high performance Wushu!!! Also with Trampolining! Gymnastics I can train but only my arms. Swimming I do a lot right now and the 25 metre diving is going better and better! Scuba Diving I didn´t start right now because... I don´t want. I pissed of right now. Also that I maybe have to do Horse Riding. Never do that and the test is not easy! I can do climbing but I have to do it in England! Shit!!!!!

Now you see a lot of problems right now. That´s the first time I´m not sure that I can do it! Awful feeling...


Big project here in Germany. Three Muskteers 3D with big stars. Train a lot for it to be on it and if they want  me in the inner team I have work till decembre! If that works I can´t train for the Register! But I can save enough money to concentrate only on that and that´s my plan right now!!!! Cross your fingers...

I will write the Register as much as I can but because there is not much going on with the training right now I will write if there is something to write who worth it. Hope it´s ok.  Lot people ask me stuff through my email. If you have questions ask.

No proplem Thomas.Hacikoglu@gmx.de

See ya there or here....


Pictures from ancient times

Training with al the heavy bags on the arms and legs....

My first own Wushu room behind a muscle gym :-) Loved it!

My guys, love to teach Wushu

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Dude, that\'s really low! Nice job! :)
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