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Why I love what I do....2nd Entry only

I wrote a long blog earlier here but somehow lost it due to some AnD technical problem.  It's my second attempt here and I have no idea if it'll read as well as my first try at writing this blog entry but here it goes.....deja vu here I come.....

I do what I do because I love it,  I'm passionate for it, I live it and I feel it on most days (occasionally I do have the off days!). I love seeing magic happen, words on a piece of paper or in someone's mind, being realised and to be enjoyed by others!

It was early this year I was sitting with a Hoegaarden, my little black book with my schedule, ideas and scribbles when my 'wee bro' Prisken Lo approached me with his story.  I wasn't quite sure what to expect but the industry was relatively quiet and I saw something special in the story. 

Onwards we plodded and I put my crew in place.  It wasn't easy and my usual team are all professionals.  To ask them to work for me for a small fee wasn't something I like to do but they believed in me and the story and that was enough.  Over the years I've built up credit with people and companies, I surprise myself when I ask for help and I am blessed to say I have a honest, trustworthy and loyal professionals to count on at times of needs.  Above all these are also my friends.

10 months on I can happily say we are nearly there.  We'll release an online version first and then we'll realise a version for festivals.  Our executive producer has plans and well we respect his professionalism, our elder, he plans for a 2011 official release.

I leave you with behind the scenes and hopefully soon, we'll have a mini party for all the cast, crew and friends for the online version.  Check back for details.

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yt4WDJIUWIg

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I believe in believing that my dreams will come true.....always the dreamer!

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