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Anita Mui tribute... w loads of pain... :(

So yesterday at around 11.30pm, we did a 'Tribute to Anita Mui' show at Dragonfly.. Rehearsals went pretty well I'd say except for us finishing it a little later than we were supposed to... So everything was going fine.. I went through Happy Hour & our usual 10pm show set with no glitches.. Then I started having slight gastric pains around 11.15pm.. It wasn't so bad.. I managed to get dress, pack my clothes and even do up my colleague's hair.. Then 5 mins before the show started, it became severe gastric pains.. grrr... it was really irritating.. Going up on stage was like hell.. Trying to stand up straight and smile and pretend that everything's peachy was hell.. Singing and getting spasms of sharp pain was not funny at all.. My hands & feet were cold & numb & I was feeling dizzy with pain... It took an effort to stay awake while singing.. I spent the 'in-between songs' with my forehead on the floor of the little changing room next to the stage..  During the finale song, I had to clutch my colleague's arm for support.. The show went quite well and the audience rewarded us with their applause.. And then... I had to be carried up by my colleague to our upstairs dressing room.. I felt so unglam & embarrassed that I totally hid my face in his chest.. :( But it was either he carry me up or I lie on the floor of that little room.. My colleagues were all really sweet with taking care of me.. I took med and all but it took quite a while before I felt well enough to head home.. Sigh.. This gastric thingy was totally untimely.. tsk tsk.. How irritating... But I'm really glad that I didn't forget my lyrics and didn't accidentally do anything weird on stage... phew..

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Tks Patrick.. Almost didn't make it through.. Thought I was gonna crumble on stage.. Now that would've been really unglam.. ;P
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