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Gals SUCK!!

well, only when they get all jealous and dramatic....

this blog is about our exciting HARDPACK EP Release Party tomorrow night at CLIQ!!!!

yes we are on a roll!! we've got some HK Indie and Punk Rock heavy weights in the house and 2 "SECRET" guests for tomorrow night. no pressure for you to come but it WILL BE YOUR LOSS! ;p


here are the details and all you need to do is mention alivenotdead.com and buy a CD $75 at the door for free entry!!

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Acting Class with Jeanne Hartman!!

First, thanks everyone for your kind suggestions on my dieting entry, I am happy to report that I have been going to the gym about 3 times a week, and its been a whole month and a half! (longest I've ever lasted...) and i can definitely see a difference in my body and energy level. lets see how long this can last!Last night, a few AnDers and I had the honor of taking an "acting 101" crash course with Ms. Jeanne Hartman. I must say that the class had exceeded far beyond my expectations and even within the limit...Read more

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i want to loose 5 poundsno, this is not one of those statements where tell people that i wish to loose 5 pounds so they can come back to me with:" O NO, but you are so skinny!!" type deal. .....I really DO want to loose 5 pounds. Reason? no reasons in particular, in fact, i feel completely comfortable with my weight, It's almost like a self-motivation/test for me.... Ever since my first "office" job post college, I seem to have lost a lot of motivation to keep myself fit.  I mean come on, as if getting up at 730am ev...Read more

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Such a cute song!!

and Patrick (www.alivenotdead.com/rottendoubt) this is JASON MIRAZ

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=42b8am98mdg

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Hiro's Restaurant Opening

Alivenotdead family member Hiro's restaurant Komuroya's grand opening!

Great located and good food! If you are ever in the causeway bay area, please do come by and try it out! =)

Congratulations again to Komuroya 小室屋

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You may now kiss the bride...

The groom tells me....and believe me i certainly did (on the cheek of course...)....and there goes the pefect ending to the Wong Xu wedding..... 

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US of A

Off to the States for 2.5 weeks... this time for a girlfriend's wedding. First really good friend of mine whos actually gettin married. Feels weird thinking that 4 years ago we were still running around NYC asian parties and getting drunk like no other. guess everyone has to grow up one day. Well, congrats Tina and Jay, you guys made it........better be a damn good party if im missing the Olympics AND wearing that pink brides' maid dress for it.  >;)Read more

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SAN FRANCISCO (AP)-- Anna Patterson's...Read more

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Meeting Khalil


Ladies, dont be jealous ;p


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TGI thursday!

Why you might ask? why friday? thursday is just as good as friday if not better, you don't feel so guilty going out at night because you know the next day is friday! and thursday rhymes with thirsty, and I'm always thirsty, and beside the fact that I am leaving for Koh Samui tomorrow afternoon....mmm ya its just an awesome day!

some fun pictures to share with y'all!


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i like funny people.

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