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Step by step...ooooH baby!



No way!! They're coming back?!?! 

Without them, you wouldn't have the pretty boys like 24 herbs.  hahahah. 

I'm not embarrassed to say I acutally listenED to these guys when I was younger.  Ryan still makes fun of me today.  I mean cmon' Step by step and hangin' tough?!  So 90's!  Yea, maybe I feel a little dumb now.


"Step by Step"

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Gimme gimme Moore!

I'm glad everybody is enjoying the music video I did.  The feedback has been tremendous and mostly positive, so thanks for all those that supported.  I've also gotten criticism which is always good to hear and I hope I can keep improving as more and more projects come along.  I am aware of flaws and some techinical issues, but overall I'm stoked.

By the way I can't stress enough about watching it in HD format on stage6.com.  It's so clean, however, let me apologize for the video,  cause the video is slightly off...Read more

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Ryan Hui's New Music Video

It's ready!  From the beginning to the end, its been real fun doin this video for my brother ( http://www.alivenotdead.com/ryanhui).  It was a team effort from the get-go.  Thanks to brotha jun ( http://www.alivenotdead.com/junkung) for being such a character.

We combined several ideas while trying to keep the visual part fun,busy, and entertaining.   You'll have to watch this video...Read more

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Pain+Michael Wong+filming=omfg

Ow...my back! 

First pain...I mean i've been playing this game on the ps3 and its really fun with a few friends. Too bad its only one level. But really wicked fun.

The objective is to lauch your guy on a giant slingshot and hit as many objects as you can.

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I've finally just about completed my brother's (Ryan) Music Video.  There are a few more touch ups and tweaks, but I'm pretty happy that its done.  Here are some screenshots to give you an idea. It's different and experimental.  The great part was having 100% freedom from the directing to the editing on my own. 

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Can You Feel It?

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QaADnQzdyP8

Let's start out by clickin the vid above to set the mood, cause I was sure feelin' it this week.

Dad had a rockin' show at the HK stadium and brought the house down.  It was a sight to see.  When you have 30,000 people under one roof the sound and atmosphere become insane.  You'd think from outside a...Read more

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Pressure is on...the Nerves kick in!

*Only a few more days till showtime!

As dad's concert gets closer, the rundown/song list is getting last minute additional songs, which means more time to rock out!

Rehearsals are all done now and I'm pretty prepared.  Let's hope I don't have a heart attack on stage. 

Last weeks rehearsal was fun.  I got to watch Soler jam and do some mad harmonizing.  Scary part?  I'll be standing with them and Ryan on stage.  What am I going to do?  Gotta watch and see.  It's like 3 handso...Read more

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Volar Coaster!

The last couple of weeks have been pretty interesting. 

I went out one night to a club in LQF called Volar.   Boy was I buzzed.  Some guy threw up all over the bathroom with pieces of vomit landing on my jeans and shoes.  GROSS.  I vaguely remember running to Kevin and Glen from Hardpack.  I told them so many times "I love you". 

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Massive update for Massive Damage!

Oh it's been a while, I know.  So let me begin by saying "AHhhhhhh".  I can relax...but not for long.

I wrapped up my bro's music video last week.  The whole process from the orignal idea to the finished product was tough, requiring lots of planning, yet it turned out to be real fun.    I'm editing it right now, so it probably won't be done for a few weeks.  I'm also preparing to sing another one of my dad's song for his December show. 

Here are some pics from the music vide...Read more

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What's been on my mind?

The Techno Viking.  We need more peeps like this in the streets of Hong Kong..


Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_1nzEFMjkI4


A freakin' amazing flash game...it's so bizarre and FREE!


HALO 3!!! 

http:...Read more

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