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This apple represents the extent to which God loves me, not only did he provide Jerry, a great friend of Stephen Lin to accompany me to the audition, Jerry bought a sumptuous Japanese spread for lunch and a banana and apple from his house. I didn't ask for any of these but God knew I need them - but he didn't just give me any apple but a huge Fuji apple, my favourite!! Even in the small things God cares for us ❤️❤️ I'm now enjoying the Father's love savoring this apple for a few moments before I check in to my flight home to SG. #fathersheart #sarahinc...Read more

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DONE for the day ⭐️⭐️⭐️ #sarahinchina #voicechina #中國好聲音

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Missing these three beautiful people ?‍?‍?‍? #dewinnefamilie

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Today marks start of a season of adventure for both @markdewinne and myself, as I fly to Shanghai for the initial round of closed door auditions for a very popular Chinese singing competition-show, and Mark begins a new chapter as one of the founder/directors of Parable Studio. God has been preparing our hearts for this season after an amazing 1.5 years of REST. We're just in awe of how good He's been to us and excited for what else is in store. See you on the other side! #marknsarah11years #adventuretimes

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This is the effect this little boy has on people - absolute joy. We bumped into my grandmother (dad's side, who we don't see too often) after church today and the moment she smiled at him, 這個男的好美, she said, he gave her such a megawatt smile that lit up her face over and over again. Somehow joy is something that goes in a positive, virtuous cycle. All you have to do is smile with a pure heart, it seems! ❤️ #leondewinne #leonlaughs

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A picture within a picture says ten thousand words ?#marknsarah11years feat @joelcheng and @hello.mish

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Leon at his first ever casting session today! ? #leondewinne #babygram #mummysboy

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Baby of a million smiles ????#leondewinne #babygram

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Leon Leon Meltheart Ichangpoo De Winne is his full name #leondewinne

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This cuddly bear has four teeth on the way! ? #leondewinne

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