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My man @markdewinne and the new @saladstop logo he designed! #branding #typography #rebrand

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Was humbled and truly privileged to join @aubrey_suwito and friends as part of CMC's Christmas Concert... may we never lose sight of the reason for the season! ? #christmasconcert #aubreysuwitoandfriends

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A thrill of hope, a weary world rejoices! For yonder breaks, a new and glorious morn!

thestageisset #christmasconcert #aubreysuwitoandfriends

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So.. I brought Leon to SBCC at Jalan Membina to check out his condition after yesterday.. And look what I found at the counter!! Turns out Dr Wong is from Riverlife Church! #sarahsings #riverlifechurch #christmasservice2015

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Backstage with @aubreysuwito @juwitasuwito @marcguitarman @kenchungbass #patrickleong #johnthomas #cmc #christmasconcert

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This boy has a gift... No matter what situation he faces he's still ready with a smile almost immediately after... What an angel!!! (He puked an entire feed due to suspected constipation and still smiles happily away!!!) #leondewinne #babysmiles

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Nothing better than a good book. I really like reading and haven't had the time to pick up some fiction till this #balibreak... Thanks to Keith Tan for this awesome birthday present! Great storyline! ?#educatingkarenchen

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Like a movie set ? #balibreak #sarahinbali

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While waiting for @markdewinne @joelcheng @rachengg @lilycheng981 their water activities... Just take selfies with the cute baby to pass time! 在等他們回來,沒事就自拍吧!#zuobo #sarahinbali #balibaby

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The circle of life #dewinnefamilie #balibreak

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