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Trick or Cheat Premiere Gala

Attended the Trick or Cheat  <愛出貓> Premiere Gala on the 31st of August..

This was my first Premiere event... so it was quite exciting.. The place was swamped with reporters/photographers and fans...... not my fans of course.. hahaha...

Since the shoot, this was the first time all 8 of us cheaters are reunited...

But since I cut my dreads.. it took people some time to recognize me.. haha! >< I had to walk infront of them and stand there for 3 seconds before I get the exact same reaction... "OOOH!.. IT'S YOU!!!"... = = 

But I have to say, my dreads went for a good reason... For what reason?.. you'll find out soon enough...

Don't forget our tutor Seven Ko (Sam Wong).. he was there too.. :D 

Let's not forget the Directors and Producer Oxide Pang

The movie was AMAZING!!!... I couldn't stop laughing thoughout.... don't believe me?.. go see it!.. haha...

But honestly, I'm really happy with the way it turned out, despite the fact that alot of scenes we loved (especially in the musical) were cut out because of the movie length.. hopefully they'll throw all the deleted scenes in the DVD release later.. :p

OK!... to finish with.. here are some behind the scenes of Trick or Cheat!



Can you even tell what I'm suppose to be in the musical??... the answer to this quiz is... I'm a screw driver!... >< haha...

The movie is officially in cinemas September 3rd..

GO SEE IT!..........     please?..



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cant wait !
almost 15 years ago
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OMG no dreads! Can't believe that you!?
almost 15 years ago
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a little B
almost 15 years ago


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