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Forget about your worries, Don't let us stop the party!.. San Miguel Beer TVC (Time to Advertise Part 3)

Forget about your worries, don't let us stop the party, time for us to shout out with cheers!

Just forget about your troubles, and set them free like bubbles, just know that there's nothing I fear!  XD

Shot a San Miguel Beer TVC earlier. Take a look!



If you look close enough, you'll see that there are 2 versions of me in this TVC.. and I do mean 2 versions!..

The first is of me jumping over a car.. (or doing a king kong over a car in Parkour terms) In this shot, I still have my dreads...

The second is of me wearing a black leather vest and red pants joining some guys for a beer! hehe..

The reason for this is because the TVC was shot on 2 different days, and those 2 days were about 2 months apart..  Basically, they did a reshoot..

But after the first shoot, when I still had my dreads, I thought it was finished with, so I took them out for a different job... then I get called up for the reshoot... whoops!!.... >< haha... but they still decided to use me, but I was suppose to be a double for a model doing a flip off a car...

The funny thing is they used a close up of me even when I was suppose to be a double.. o_O  so... if you look close enough, there's a guy at the end of the TVC wearing the same outfit as me, but it's not me... but  Shhhhh!.... don't tell anyone I told you! haha :p

Here are some out takes... It was suppose to be an aerial flip off the car instead of just a king kong, but since 3 people are jumping over the car at the same time, I guess it probably looked better with the 3 different levels then me flying and covering the other 2's action.

Interestingly they decided to use the shot of me from the previous shoot when I had my dreads still... XD



Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r7lBNzp2czs

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9Cjyp3rGdOM

My buddies Kenny and 華仔 were there too... if you remember, Kenny in the middle, he was in the Ajisen Ramen TVC with me too! hehe...

華仔 on the right is the guy that jumped off the building in the beginning, and also the double for the girl who jumped out of the car in the end!


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