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A Not So Scary Halloween!

So Halloween has come an gone... but this one is some how.... different ... ><

Like the past 5 years, I spent my Halloween working at Ocean Park... but this year I'm not a ghost, ghoul or monster of any kind... I'm a .... person for Halloween...

I was lucky enough to be a part of the Scaremonies stage show again for OP's Halloween Bash, and from the feedback we've been given, it's apparently our best show yet...

For those who didn't make it to the event to see it live, here are some highlights of the show.



Jacky Chan's shampoo ad cross over with the tune to Ponyo on the cliff by sea? hehe...



MJ makes a guest appearance for Halloween too!..

I guess you probably dunno which one I am huh?!.. haha...

well, here are some clues..

Getting ready for show

A signature pose

Any ideas?.. haha

Guess it's pretty hard to tell.. but I'm suppose to be imitating one of the 4 Heavenly Kings of the HK pop scene...   Andy Lau?.... ><  lol!

Had to do a flip in the show... 5 shows per night, and 22 show days + rehearsals.. So I did over a 100 of these flips altogether... o_O haha...

Dancing to the shampoo song

Splash Splash Splash!

Thanks for watching!

The entire cast and crew! good show guys!

And now lets take a look behind the scenes! :p

Recording the shampoo song

Recording my version of an Andy Lau song!... ><

Smelly foot attack!

With our legendary choreography Ar Yiu

Sam from our Trick or Cheat movie was the MC for the show!

Peace out!

Though I didn't dress up at all for Halloween this year, it was still a pretty fun event!... wonder if I'll be in the show again next year! ><

Here's my friend MJ Fung dressed as MJ at LKF... does he look like the real deal or what?..



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nice ... long time no see ... how are u doing bro ??
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Great Pic!
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