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Floating Gas... | 讓人暈的氣體

He put a mask around me, against my cheeks

I breathe in..out....in......out..........in.............

| 他為我戴上一副面具,貼著我的臉頰 我呼..吸....呼......吸..........

out....................in...........................Read more

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Every year, he will release one full album.

Every alternate year, he'll hold a World Tour Concert

His Opening Show


| 每年他都會發布一張新專輯, 每隔幾年都要舉辦世界巡回演唱會, 他的開場 在臺北

| 每年他都会发布一张新专辑, 每隔几年都要举办世界巡回演唱会, 他的开场 在台北

My Favourite Asian Singer Song Writer


Huge Football Stadium, Thousands of Fans , Cheering for their Idol. He ...Read more

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Dancing in the cold | 寒風中的舞蹈

Hihi I'm back! We're back! Rozy has posted many pictures in her blog. Do check it out. Check out the fun time we had in L.A

| Hihi 我回來了!我們回來了!

Rozy在她的博客裏放了很多照片,去看看。 看我們在洛杉磯的快樂時光。

| Hihi 我回来了!我们回来了!

Rozy在她的博客里放了很多照片,去看看。 看我们在洛杉矶的快乐时光。

Radio plays fantastic music there! There's so much i wanna sha...Read more

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It's Party Time !

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Better get hurt by the truth then comforted with a lie|寧願被事實所傷也不要被謊言安撫


How many people in this world can live by only truths and no lies?

I remember when i was a kid, my dad once said, in order to sustain a long lasting relationship, the female has to keep one eye closed. Growing up, I realised that this might not just be useful in boy-girl , husband-wife relationship but it should be applied to anybody or everybody in this living world. Maybe, one day when you're dead, and your spirit being invisible, will be able to see what everyone ...Read more

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Halloween@Disney | 迪士尼的萬聖節

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My blog in Rozy's blog! | 我在Rozy的空間寫博客!

Hi All,

I wrote a blog, but after publishing it, i realized that it's in Rozy's account !!!

So if you're interested, do visit Rozy's blog okie ??!!!



racy<...Read more

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What Happened To My Keys?? | 我的鍵盤怎麽啦??

 hello ! look at the picture below..

| hello!看下面的照片…

| hello!看下面的照片…

Noticed something different with the alphebets??? I...Read more

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i met up with an old classmate, jeremy. I haven't seen him since ....8 yrs ago. He came to HK for a business trip and i was glad , i brought him out for dinner and drinks with rozy n my new found friends from the behind-the-scene of alivenotdead.com. i've been seeing Patrick, the CEO of alivenotdead for the past few days and each night, at the end of the night, something i do will just take him by surprise. Bare in mind: Surprises can be good or bad. I think i've to stop seeing Patrick for a while before he conclu...Read more

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Sleeping Activities

Hi to All, Hi to Everybody !

I feel that i can breathe normally, finally.  It is so energy consuming to be sick , i hate it!

Yesterday when i was at Fancl's event, i was practically 'floating' (as though i had a can of beer. Yes cuz i'm a extremely lousy drinker. my limbs were wobbly) ,

yet trying my best to look fresh and sobber ......it was tough...

Y...Read more

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Hong Kong
September 11, 2007