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夏日, 雪花


Philip began his martial arts training at the age of five. After 12 years of study in his family run school South Coast Martial Arts of Californiahe, he received his Black Belt in American Kenpo and went on to learn and develop his passion of Chinese Martial Arts and weapons play. Since then, he has become a 7-time National Champion of the Open Martial Arts Circuit and quickly progressed to overseas travel for instruction and competition…


With a background in Martial Arts developing to include Western Boxing, Kickboxing, Kenpo, and Brazilian Jiu-jitsu, Philip wanted to continue his search for learning in Chinese Martial Arts.

In 2006 Philip entered into China's famed K-STAR Chinese Global Martial Arts TV competition (300 million viewers, Shenzhen TV)there he earned second place in the competition and began to pursue his love of Chinese Martial arts and culture

2007 that search landed Philip a position in Jackie Chan's Similar reality based show "The Disciple" or "Descendant's of the Dragon" in Beijing where he earned a spot in the top 16 before being eliminated.

In 2008 and 2009 Philip was featured alongside Xin Wuku, Danny Sre and Justice Smith on tour with Legendary Singer Tina Turner in her Final Record Breaking Tour TINA LIVE.


Recently he has begun to share his knowledge with a new generation of athletes, developing National and International level champions of his own and creating various live action productions to showcase their talents. His work has garnered attention by such notable groups such as Cirque de’ Soleil, who show a special interest in the unique skills possessed by his high level students.


Currently he can be found training and performing at various locations throughout Southern California as he pursues his goals alongside other talented Martial Artists such as the EMC Monkeys.

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Hey guys check out my latest updates on my website

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Languages Spoken
english, mandarin
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Los Angeles, United States
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November 3, 2007