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Grateful to recieve such a beautiful gift. Thank you so muchhh!

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I will see you again #sujhereicome

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Iron when heated and pounded, becomes a fine sword. :)

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This is so cute!!! But be aware!! Becos I tried the lemon flavour Oreos before and it didn't really taste very good... or maybe this is the new improved one. ?

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The sights and sounds in the Modern Singapore :)

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YWD gathering ?? And Movie

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Man.... thank you so much for putting a smile on our faces!! When I saw this bag, I heard from my helper a student went door to door to give out bags of gifts on the eve of National Day :) ???


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We had a great time!!! It was SUCH A GREAT EXPERIENCE. AFFORDABLE PRICE AND DELICOUS FOOD!! MY Favourite is the smoked Salmon Salad. It's really affordable. I got mine at $12.90 incl. 2 cold deli and 1 Hot deli with rice. GST included. U ppl should go down becos the taste is really unique and Creative. ONLY @Plaza Singapura MUJI @mujisg #cafemealplazasingapura Please let me win thanks!!! I love MUJI @PS!!

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Lol I don't usually take like photos of actors but she is really really really good. And there was abit of generation GAP here when you see her giving such a formal "Hi" actually she doesn't even know insta when I mentioned it but nvm !!! Haha and this is her lovely Hat :)

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Learning this together :)

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