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Thanks @frostpolar. For this wonderful gift. It is a lot more beautiful in real life. :) ??❤

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Dinosaur light show... literally just showing some of the lights lol..

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I like you very much ❤? I really liked how big the fish was... I think probably is this the actual size of a sword fish?!!!

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The food here is too nice.

yummy probably Michelin Star

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This mammal is too pretty. #lkcmuseum

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This is what I say to myself ❤?

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@jingyuanjy am very happy for your nomination as favourite Actress! Thanks for inviting to the cine65 event :)

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And so it's a wrap!!! 2/7/17!! Had a great experience :)

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I like this evening sky .. pretty! :D

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Who is the guy right beside me? His name is Kevin, he is autistic and he loves drawing buildings , animals and structures. Been doing up a book drawn by him and written by the beautiful lady in the right hand side. G.A Wallevik

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