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According to The Coach, WWE shouldn't have dealt with Mike Tyson, because he was a broken boxing star who spent jailtime.

I'm so glad this dumbass isn't running the WWE. Ronda Rousey can get signed by the WWE, and they can help her with her career tremendously.

Also, the amount of negativity she received is remarkable. I mean Kobe Bryant raped a girl, Mike Tyson bit off Holyfield's year, had countless of rape accusations and spent jail time. Muhammad Ali didn't agree to draft to the army. And yet all this people got half the hate that Ronda Rousey gets for losing.

Let's be honest here, MMA fans were looking for the slightest of opportunity to trash on her, because they pretend their hatred is justified because "Ronda was being a cunt".

McGregor is being a cunt to other fighters as well, and so did Chael Sonnen, but people still kiss their ass and say: "Well, they are the best trash-talkers in the company". Kindly fuck off that "I hate Ronda now beause she lost" bandwagon.

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