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From Shaw Studios to the T dot O!!

And Ninja Clan,

So before leaving back to Toronto for a little while - I thought I'd share some photos of our team checking out the space at Shaw Studios - it wasn't the first time but since we had some guests swing by Hong Kong we headed to check out some sightings.

Check out how huge these spaces were - you can pretty much film anything in here - you can green screen th entire thing, shoot movies or music videos here. Check it out.





The next day I head back to Toronto. Does anyone else find that business class Cathay Pacific is really wierd? The seats are very long and skinny - unlike before.  Well - slept most of the ride and when I got back to Toronto I had a HUGE warm welcome fro my family. The kids brought with them a Canadian Flag, a dozen of fresh cut flowers and a huge smile! So I pulled out some dolls I had from my luggage and gave them a big hug!!



Seeing my nieces and nephew was awesome - I haven't seen them in such a long time haha! Check out my Nephew's face here - so adorable!!


                                          Ahhh!! The ETR - I even missed the sign haha!


 I came home with a bunch of cool toys from Asia and some nice gifts for the rest of the family. My Nephew cracks me up - check out his whiney face here ;)


After unpacking we all went to my parents favorite chinese rest. Which was 10 minute drive away. Here are the kids playing on their NDS machines. They love their toys.


HAha my brother's kids crack me up. Specially my Nieces. They are playing NDS with chopsticks!!


                                                                 My brother and his son. :)


After Dinner we head out to WALLMART!! - As if the kids didn't get enough toys. Here I let them on a wild shoppoing spree of toys! The kids went Nutty!


                                 The kids forced me to wear this rediculous biker hat. LOL!!


Here we are back at home - enough of Wallmart and Dominion but glad that I went to both! They remind me so much of Canada haha! All I needed to see was an ESSO gas station. :P


LAst but not least - this was the one thing that reminded me of home the most. My mom's ancient radio deck sitting on the wall. I remember when we played Cindy Lauper on this thing when she was red hot! Anyways - that's what's been going on for the past 2 days!! More bloggin soon!!

PeAce sleepin time!! (EastCoast!)

Pat Lee

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"what is going on?!?"
about 16 years ago
so cute !
about 16 years ago
You're all heart, homie! See ya in HK soon!
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Haha just came back from "First Markham" shopping mall - too late for NOT spoiling them. Just hard to resist! :D
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Nothing is better than spending time with family. Pls send my best regards!
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