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Blog: Tuesday, Mar 17

###Hey guys, do me a favour and head on down tohttp://voize.my/awards.php?id=6 and vote for Shaa'ir and Func's Hard to Forget as BEST DANCE/ELECTRONICA act.... 'cos they be AWESOME. 
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Adidas and Mumbai

Alright there peeps, I've finally finished the crazy schedule of overseas shoots for Sony Style, though I have to be honest - it was awesome fun, I got to meet some great people... but then again the 5 star hotels and restaurants certainly didn't hurt.Before I legged it off to Mumbai I had the distinct honour of hosting Adidas's 60th birthday bash in Singapore (which featured Edison Chens blink and you'd miss it paparazzi scrum).The party was awesome fun, though I wish I wasn't so knackered from Taipei to enjoy it! The r...Read more

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Sony Shooting around the world

Been a busy time the last few weeks, and it's not over yet! Made an appearance on 'the Duke' - The new Men's Chat show on AXN. I'll give you a heads up when it airs... was great fun as I know all the hosts from work and play - so we had a riotous time... we'll see how much gets edited outRead more

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Blog: Saturday, Feb 14

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kCDB4gRAmBE

My up to date reel from the last year or so... enjoy!

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Roll on 2009

After a really successful 2008, which had me involved in a number of different shows, showing on 5 networks and taking me to 13 countries - the curtain is opening for 2009. The great news is that this Friday I commence shooting for Sony Style Season 3, which will commence broadcasting in March. So I'll be back on AXN at an annoying level for another 6 months as I rear my head 5 times a week and during every commercial break - all I can say is sorry!! But the people spoke, and they wanted MORE! I was really happy to hear that viewing figures ...Read more

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