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What a couple of weeks

The last few weeks have been a level of insanity that it's been almost hard to cope. With trips to Thailand, Indonesia and India my feet have barely touched the floor.For those of you that follow my Twitter and FB (@oli_pettigrew and www.facebook.com/theofficialolipettigrew) - then you would have seen the crazy pics.Linda and I were lucky enough to be invited to the Intercontinental Samui Baan Taling Ngam Resort in Koh Samui.It was SO beautiful- It was a surprise to be honest. I thought that I knew Thailand pretty well. But Koh Samui is stunning and quiet too. It's not as over developed as Phuket and filled us with a sense of serenity that has been much needed in Casa Del Pettigrew.The last 3 weeks have been full on with work - A stint in Jakarta with AXN for a one off show called 'Voices of Asia' where we got to visit an orphanage for a few days and try and do some good. It was really nice to be on a show where we were trying to help people and improve their lives. The kids were awesome. It kinda hit home with me because my own daughter Tia is from a similar background, and it really makes you think about how many kids are out there who need homes, or just want to be loved.Catch the show when it comes out, the kids were ace. It made me wish I could make a show like that more awesome - in the vein of Challenge Anneka (google it - great show from when I was younger). Maybe I'll get to do it one day.I think it comes from getting older. I start to think what impact I've left on the world. Whether I've done anything to help anyone. Could I be helping more charities? - we shall see where it all ends up.I also just had a great week in India - Fort Cochin to be precise - which was beautiful.The more I visit India, the more I realize I really like it - my Dad was actually born in Delhi. Maybe it's genetic.If you haven't been to Fort Cochin, I highly recommend it. I was over there shooting a pilot ... so I can't tell you much more. But I hope it gets picked up. It was really fun to do.1 more day of work then I'm off on Vacation!Brad (epad co-host and best mate) and I are hitting the US of A for a week of road-trips, fun, food, drinks and Formula 1 as we travel across the States on our way to the Austin Grand Prix in Texas.We've been talking about this for years.We cashed in Airmiles for flights, I used Backick.com.sg to book great hotels in LA and Vegas (for our own Hangover night) and we rented ourselves a sweet little convertible.Shiner Bock here we come. OM NOM NOMI picked up a few new rolls of film for my Sprocket Rocket Lomo camera.Just sent off my first two rolls of film for my LOMOAMIGO blog - so keep an eye out for them - I'll make sure I post a link for it.Sorry this entry is a little light on pics. They're all on my HTC ONE X at the moment  -but you can find regular updates on FB, Twitter and Instagramsee you soon OLI

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