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2 months, 5 shows, 4 Networks, 10lbs

HI EVERYONE!!! Yes, I know... I have been invisible for months and months... but for good reason... well, okay... kinda a good reason combined with just being lazy... but in my defense, for the last 2 months I have barely even seen my family, let alone had time to blog.It's been a great few months for the Pettigrew family (including my wife Linda Black)... It seems that this year is our year, and a whole bunch of great projects came our way and made us busy-bee world traveling hosting junkies.Outside of shooting Sony Style for AXN and EPAD on Max, I have also been busy working for Lonely Planet: Best in China for Discovery Channel, the Food Network (US and ASIA) as well as Ascott residences. Over a 45 day period I travelled Singapore-Tokyo-Kyoto-Tokyo-Singapore-Ho Chi Minh-Singapore-Tokyo-Singapore-Seoul-Singapore-Sydney-Singapore, with only 1 or 2 days off to relax and chill out... It was hard work... but the best kind. In my line of work it's never bad to be busy, we spend far too much time doing nothing the rest of the time anyway.I've grabbed a whole bunch of photos to try and show you what I've been up to... I'll try and guide you through them!This season on Sony Style we've gone a new angle... one I've been trying to get down for a while... it's a lot more fun for me to make, and hopefully for you guys to watch.We've had some great interviews this year:-Adam LambertWho was great fun to interview... he was game for a laugh and we had a lot of fun before, during and after the interview.Then there was The Fray, who you'll know from the Theme to Grey's AnatomyWho were also good guys, a little jet jagged though.. but a good bunch of fellasI also got to meet the Wondergirls the other day too... who spoke excellent English and turned out to be a great interviewSo apart from all that, I also had a BLEEP load of travelling to do for work.First up was Tokyo and Kyoto for Ascott residences. I was shooting there new International Corporate Video. Nice job, easy work and a great crew. I spent most of the time sightseeing, eating and drinking... which is always a nice way to earn money ;)Kyoto was gorgeous tooHonestly, Kyoto was the shiznitz, I had such a good time there....A few days after that I was off to Ho Chi Minh for 2 days and then back to SIngapore for my second trip to Japan for Sony Style. I have no photos from that trip because I spent most of it sick in bed at the hotel. I caught some bacterial infection of my lungs and throat and spent the week with an unreal temperature, no voice, no sleep and an antibiotic drip... score! Some regular viewers would notice I sound bizarre during the Japan episodes and that over the course of 3 days I lost 10lbs.... it was not fun, but we got the shoot done and all worked out in the end.No rest for the wicked though... back to Singapore, where any days off for the other shoots were filled with shoots for Lonely Planet and the food network around Singapore... crazy craziness... but great as I was working with 2 old director buddies of mine.... The me and the food network head of to Seoul Korea to torture me with crazy food....mmmm yummy. That would be breakfast... chopped octopus, still moving... raw...I look thrilled, by Director Julius looks plain scared... as he should beSeoul is quite a cool city. But it's so big... and the traffic is an unbelievable pain in the butt... which bothered me a bit... but we made sure we had a good time. We met some great people, ate some tasty food (and some not so tasty), but me and the crew are buddies... so we partied the night away all week. A-woo-hooAfter Seoul, it was back to Singapore again for a few days before leaving ONCE AGAIN for Sydney baby!!![](/attachments/2010/07/05/13/373398_201007051317521.thumb.jpg)My third destination in as many weeks that I have never been to... It's so cool.Sydney is the best guys... and we had a great time there. It was a content rich environment for shooting and we got some great stuff:-WINE TASTINGWINE DRINKING'WORKING'And playing!![](/attachments/2010/07/05/13/373398_2010070513175211.thumb.jpg)AwesomenessIn between all this stuff I'd had a few events to host too... one fun one, was one I hosted with my wife called Shades of Pink in honour of the Breast Cancer society, organised by my photog friend Zurina Bryant - who, along with Paula Robinson had their photos displayed for charity purchaseAnd of course the biggest event in Singapore in recent memory - the Opening of the Marina Bay Sands which I got to host with my buddy Dom Lau... it was epic fun and was a night to remember... Kelly Rowland and Diana Ross were awesome, I bumped into my magician friend Cyril from Tokyo and I stayed up till stupid o clock partying with a great crew... awesomeAnd with that all... you are up to date again. I have to run back to Tokyo this week... and LA later in the year... I'l let you know what's what again soonlaters

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Wow, you were in Kyoto!!
almost 14 years ago
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You are very lucky to see this from an airplane!
almost 14 years ago
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Thanks for sharing this. You had a very busy few months, but you are sure enjoyed a lot!! :-)
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