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I grow up in East Germany and loved sports and movies since I was a little child. Especially Action- and Martial Arts movies influenced me a lot.

My love of those movies never faded away. In 1989 I started doing intense workout sessions. I did not want to feel small and weak anymore. Having set up a goal I was eager to reach I started to combine martial arts with workouts for strength and condition.

At every opportunity some friends of mine and I shot our own films. I have always been trying to improve my stunts, falls and choreography and find out different ways of integrating them into the fighting scenes. And up to the present day things have not changed: I still spend a lot of time practising and trying to improve my techniques.

In 2000 something unimaginable happened and my dream came true: I got the chance to work together with Donnie Yen on the German TV series 'THE PUMA' and one year later with Xin Xin Xiong. I'm a huge fan of both of them! During this time, I learned a lot and met people who were sharing my interests. They became close friends of mine and supported me during the following years.

Doing stunts is a tough business and it will never be easy. However, I am determined to carry on and make my way!

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more information at http://www.mike-moeller.com

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