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Wow. I am officially terrible at blogging.

It seems that every time I post here, it's to apologise for being M.I.A. Once again, sorry guys! I've just recently come back from a month long hosting gig on the west coast! It was the first time I'd hosted a stage performance so big! It was incredibly nerve wrecking initially but once I got the hang of it, it was like being on a 2-hour long high. SO exhilarating!

I know a ton of people are on this but I've just gotten around to setting up my Weibo! It took FOREVER to figure ...Read more

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Weekend Bliss

Two blog posts in a week... I'm definitely in a good mood!

And why shouldn't I be?

I've just finished writing my scripts for Center Stage and after shooting 7 episodes tomorrow, I'm being whisked away for an extended weekend to...well, I don't even know where yet. I'll only find out when I'm at the airport. I'm super excited!!

This is what I look like when I spend the ENTIRE day scripting at home, without make up and with BIG hair...I can'...Read more

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Being Beijing

Every once in a while, the IT guys decide that they'll make an effort and put up a blog post on the CCTV site. It doesn't happen often and I'm going to keep bugging them to put up a proper blog site for us but in the meantime, I'll be writing here.

Being Beijing was the title devised by our editor, a play on words - 'Be In Beijing' and encompassing the essence of the city, 'Being Beijing'. When you watch the show, you'll only see a part of our experience but I want to share the fun I had with you guy...Read more

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Two days to the Olympics...

...and I'm currently at home writing scrīpts for Center Stage on my new purchase - a beautiful Chinese antique table that I bought from Gaobeidian over the weekend. I think its gorgeous but my 'ayi' says there are plenty in her hometown and I paid too much. Either way, its in mint condition and I adore it. My chairs don't match but I'll be looking for some this weekend! Can't wait!   

Turns out, I might have to work this weekend in preparation for our Olympic special on Beijing. It'll be airing...Read more

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