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doing what i do sometimes has its perks. ok. fine. most of the t... ok. ALL THE TIME.when i take on a project, my clients usually tend to pamper me.whether it's at a cool cafe or a fancy restaurant, they pick the tab.when its new product, i get to try them first.and sometime i get to take them home.from perfumes to shoes to 1 of a Kind... i am pampered.within the last month, i have been "presented'' with,a S$600 watch, 2 tailored shirts,some hair products ( don't ask me why??? ),more makeup products and a ring worth S$3600.how blessed am i!?!so imagine my shock today when i got to take homea very large bottle of SKII Miracle Water to help hydrate myvery tired skin that has been working 3 days in a row.wait. that wasn't the shock.when my Series Director calls to tell me he lost his iPad2while we were filming today.wait. that is still not the shock.me franticly emptying my tote bag to search for all the locationcontacts we were in today.no. the tote bag isn't it.my very large bottle of SKII Miracle Water which was to helphydrate my very tired skin broke.and all the Miracle Water was splashed on my shirtand was running down the floor tiles.the horror of seeing the accident happen in front of me eye.my personal items displayed as the world walks by. clueless.the tragedy of standing still with everything exposed.keys. wallet. my iPad2. lighter. my iPhone,with my Director hanging on the line.in moments like this all you can do is just take a deep breathand wish you didn't answer the DAMN PHONE!i held my head up.picked my stuff up and went straight for the train.dehydrated.

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