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Blog: Tuesday, Jan 31

a trend of bad taste...

seriously... its not funny. in just a matter of days i started seeing a trend.a trend of bad taste,hideous outfitsand godforsaken hair.do people not have mirrors at home?do their friends not tell them?no?well, i'm gonna do my bit and answer some commonfashiony questions anyone might have...and pls feel free to share them with anyone YOU think might need them.Q: when are Summer Shorts too short?A: when your B@lls can't breathe.Q: when should i wear poka dots, stripes & neon colors in 1 complete outfit?A: when are you the only one left in the world.Q: what's the best way of maintaining my white loafers?A: burn them.Q: does Blue Mohawk hairstyle go with my duo print shirt at work?A: only if you as a loan shark, pimp or Aunty Lucy having a makeover.Q: is PRC fashion a trend to follow?A: only if you have a return ticket to PRC.glad to have helped.

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