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Blog: Saturday, Apr 7

its gonna get even better.

it has an amazing start to 2012! just when i thought my TV career was done,2012 presented me with not 1, not 2, but 3 TV Shows!to be part of 3 TV Shows just within the first 3 months of 2012!that is truly a blessing.it started with season 3 of SuperModel Me for KIX & Channel 5.joining the show with my BFF, Lisa S as the Host was so much fun!being part of the reality competition where i would just be myself,'The Bitch' was even better!styling the girls, judging them and deciding who continues or... NOT.involved in only the first 4 episodes was worth it.it was a blast!next came Vasantham Express for Vasantham Channel.returning for its 5th season, the producers invited meto be part of the ensemble.and i would be the 'Fashion Guru'...going where no other Gurus have gone before.playing producer for the fashion segment meantintroducing fashion's more commercial & mainstream side.then there's STYLE ETC.my baby.my very own fashion program for MediaCorp's TOGGLE TV.i'm still in the midst of production and will air soon.besides producing, research and hosting it,i am on cloud 9!with all this, still i want more.so i am getting ready for more.why not?3 months ago i didn't have any of these...its gonna get even better.:))

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thats just great news Marcus wonderful when things happen and fall into place. congradulations ! I had a great day too yesterday, am thinking friday 13th can be very lucky, :)
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